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Hi I'm new to this site so don't really know how things work - but my GP has just told me to go on a 24 hour fast. Is this normal/ usual?

Just explaining more. I have had really bad gas and been bloated for over a week - not overindulgence from Xmas because I hardly ate or drank (alcohol) 'cos of bloating and not able to get rid of the gas. Saw a GP(not my usual one) at practice this morning who said "if eating is a problem then stop eating". She then told me to fast (but wth fluids) for 24 hours. She made no diagnosis and indicated she didn't really know what was wrong. However I was diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago when I had tummy pain for some months and the sigmoidoscopy didn't reveal anything. I've had mild bloating since then but nothing like now and haven't been to GP with any problems related to IBS since then.

I just want to know if a 24 hour fast is a usual medical treatment for IBS like symptoms. I'm a compliant patient but I'm already feeling light headed after 7 hours and I've not been feeling well generally. What do other people here think? I'm worried about the bloating and had 6 weeks of cystitis like illness not long ago but they couldn't find any bacterial cause, Now i'm wondering if this could be related to something else? Any help/ suggestions would be appreciated.

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My daughter had bad (really bad ) diverticulitis. Her doc was suggesting surgery and she sought alternative treatment. She read (can't find his book now but he is a British alternative writer ) and she followed it to the letter. Starting with fast , juice fast, and now has modified her diet. I have adopted some of these techniques for my IBS-C (along with PD) and while a total fast is not practical for me I do think a juice fast is restful. Also probiotics in the form of kefir.

Good luck. When I find my book, I'll let you know


I have never been advised to go on a diet but was diagnosed with IBS in 1996, can't believe your doctor, her advice seems to be saying to me 'ah well, just try this, it may or may not work'. She seems very lacklustre in her response to you! I had a very bad bout for quite a few months this year so I was lucky that my doctor made me an appointment to see a dietician, she was excellent and is putting me on the 'FODMAP' diet but her colleague needs to be trained first so I will be contacted in around 6 months' time. In the meantime, I have cut out cauliflower, broccoli and grapes and I'm a lot better.

Best of luck


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