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Hi, I have been diagnosed with IBS. I have had all the D and C symptoms and had a colonoscopy 5 years ago. I have also had a full blood count and poo tested for cancer, all negative. For several weeks now I have been losing blood mixed with mucus if I pass wind. does anyone else have this and is it a symptom of IBS?

I really hope that someone here can answer this as I have just moved to a new country and feel uncomfortable about seeing a doctor here. Thanks Chardy

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  • If you have blood in your poo, best to see a doctor. Even with the best intentions in the world, I don't think bloggers etc would have the qualifications (unless of course they are medically qualified) to diagnose your current symptoms. And it's better to take the bull by the horns and get it sorted now, peace of mind etc. Perhaps there is someone you can take with you? Hope you get this resolved. :)

  • I agree about the need for a professional diagnosis regarding the blood in your motions.

    Mucus is something I get too when passing wind and that is annoying to say the least, but the show of blood needs checking out.

  • Thank you for your responses. I suppose that I know really that I have to see a doctor but was hoping that someone would tell me that it is quite normal with IBS.

  • their is nothin 2 worry about wat,s happenin wen u hv a blockup of ur poo then u release it it pulls on ur bowel and it can scrape on the linin of ur bowel i used 2 hv this but they put me on a tablet 2 stop this i hp iv helped a littlt but plz make sure that u go and get it looked at chardy all the best lv ann x

  • Thanks Ann I will

  • Hi Chardy, I agree with the others, you really do need to get this checked out. The sympton I suffer often is the mucus, apart from the other symptons of cramp and stomach, rib and back pain.

    All the very best and hope you get it sorted.

  • I would suggest you see a doc asap. If the blood is bright red, it's fresh and you may simply have a rectal tear or haemorrhoid. If the blood is dark or even brown/black, it's coming from higher up in the gut and can be a symptom of all manner of things that are much more serious. I had brown/black blood in my mucus and movements as well as vomiting bright blood and it turned out to be a duodenal ulcer. So please get yourself checked out!

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