Persistent nausea in the mornings and bloating is getting me down... Any tips please?

I've been a sufferer for 8yrs, the symptoms have got worse over the years and the worst parts now in particular are the morning sick And bloated feelings. I get so worried about going to work in case I have a bad bout which then make me worse. Im trying mebeverin currently for the spasms but it doesn't really help, I live on Imodium too...

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  • What you ve written here Eliza, i could have written exactly for myself. I wake exactly to what you say, off late esp too. Mebeverine and the other Anti Spasmodics wont help with nausea, that sickly feeling like you re gonna puke up last nights din dins. Ive taken Stemetil for nausea. Its been fairly good, Prochlorperazine is its proper name. Stemetil the generic name. Hope this helps

  • That's great thanks a lot I will try those, you don't get much advice from the docs at all as soon as you mention IBS it's like the shutters go down I feel :(

  • So so true. "nothing serious" " its all in your head" "get on with life"....u know what theyre thinking. Most under appreciated misunderstood dismissed condition there is......

  • Here here. It affects every aspect of your life. I'm glad I joined this site I feel less alone now! I always feel like people just think I'm whining or exaggerating :)

  • hv u tried col[permin that hepl,s it,s prety gud

  • ginger cristal or real ginger beer n try your doc,,,,,

  • Thanks for the ginger tip val136, I've been to docs a number of time over the years and don't get anywhere sadly other than being prescribed tablets that don't really work.

  • Hi all, I did mention it to docs again and like last time I got no advice. In fact she suggested tums! Which has no anti nausea properties at all! So I spoke to a pharmacist who suggested mortillium which has been working really well, even with the bloating.

    For info for other sufferers of the nausea symptoms with your IBS its a good one to try.

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