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Why am I getting nausea and bloating every morning with my IBS?

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As soon as I wake up in the morning I feel sick and have pain and bloating in my belly. I’ve been like this for 6 months now. Does anyone else suffer like this? Or can anyone give me some advice because it’s really getting to my mental health

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Hi Oscar, have you changed your diet at all over the last 6 months? 'Gas' producing foods like beans, pulses, garlic, onions, cauliflower, broccoli cabbge etc, especially for evening meal can cause excess gas

Do you take melatonin to help you sleep? I had the same symptoms until I stopped taking it at night. It is a side effect for some people. Another question, have you gone on any trips? Lost weight? It turned out that going to multiple doctors for a diagnosis and over a year of being really sick, I found my answer. I had parasites. They can make you very sick and many people have them without knowing. I had been to Indonesia 3 years ago. You can get them from contaminated water or undercooked meat.

I hope you find your answers. Take care.

Morning nausea is a very common IBS symptom, I have it too.

I found that grabbing a dry snack (mostly crackers or plain biscuits) soon after waking up prevents the nausea entirely.

Don't drink milk or you might vomit it, just snack on something solid, possibly not sweet.

That's how I solved it, nowdays I don't get nausea anymore after waking up.

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warnout in reply to Dalph87

hi , yes a dry snack digetive bicuits with my cuppa in morning helps my

nausea,in mornings

Have you been to your doctor about these symptoms and have had stool and blood tests to formally diagnose you with IBS?

Nausea and bloating can be caused by excessive trapped gas due to the fermentation of certain types of foods in the gut. For temporary relief you can try Rennie Deflatine.

Have you taken a look at the FODMAP diet? FODMAPs are carbohydrates found in some fruits and vegetables - there may be specific ones that are causing you problems- they enter your colon undigested, bacteria feed off them and create excessive gas as a by product. This is normally under the guidance of a nutritionist via GP referral. If you download the Monash University FODMAP app it will tell you which foods contain FODMAPs and in what quantities. You eliminate all FODMAPs for 2 weeks which should help to alleviate symptoms and then introduce them in small amounts one by one for 3 days and then wait up to 4 days for symptoms. I go much slower than this - only introducing a small amount of the same food for 3 days and then increase if tolerable or no symptoms and cut back to the previous amount if symptoms for longer and then increase again. I've read your microbiome can adapt to handling a new food if introduced very slowly.

I have been on Alflorex probiotic (scientifically studied for IBS) and my stomach is more settled and I am able to tolerate more foods - you could give this a go prior to doing an elimination diet. If you have a bit of overgrowth of bad bugs in your gut (we all have good and bad bacteria - the good should have the upper hand), these can feed off FODMAPs and give symptoms such as pain and excess gas. Probiotics like Alflorex can bring things back in balance. I have heard Symprove works for some people too. I would say before trying the FODMAP elimination & reintroduction diet it is worth trying a good probiotic such as Alflorex since it may make you more tolerant to foods and produce less gases. It all depends on if your IBS is in part caused by a gut bacterial imbalance, but it is worth trying to see if it helps.

Stress can also give you indigestion and gas, since blood flow when you eat isn't concentrating on your digestive system where it needs to be, but instead ready for fight or flight. If this is a factor, exercise helps with this, as well as CBT or mindfulness meditation.

However, the first thing to do is to get a proper diagnosis if not done so already.

Thank you so much I’ve had every test going x I don’t think it’s food with me probably more stress as I’ve lost my Nan this year she was my world x I’ve been sick ever since xxx

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warnout in reply to Oscar091

i lost my son 4 yrs ago iv been ill since to although iv always had ibs , itsss so bad now,, since lock down 7 mths ago u sufers bad gas pains ti as soon as i open my eyes it starts ,,

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Sasical in reply to warnout

So sorry about you losing your son :(

yes i sufer with ibs and since lock down i suffer as soon as i wake up,,gas pains feeling sickly ,i had ibs for 50 yrs got worse in last 4 yrs, bing sick with pain occasionally ,,,,


Just saw this post and hope you are feeling better.

Something to consider is mental health and gut link. When I was having anxiety, I had a lot of symptons of IBS. For the longest time, I thought I had a stomach issue, but when my anxiety got better, my gut got better without me doing anything different,

I am not saying that I cured it but it is reduced. Initial period I would describe as severe and now I am still having issues with bloating, gas etc but if I eliminate some foods, I can manage better. Just something to consider as maybe it could be coupled with how you are feeling.

Hope you feel better now.

Thank you so much for replying I’ve been diagnosed with diviculitus disease not ibs x but I’m still very sick so they are testing me for h pylori again because I was taking omeprazole and that can affect the results so just want to get better and yes my mental health is terrible I’m a nervous wreck sometimes xxx take care keep in touch Amber x

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