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Digestive enzymes - anyone tried these?

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I've bought some Quest digestive enzymes after reading a few good reviews on them but I'll be honest I have endless bottles, lotions and potions for IBS but I never end up taking them for fear of making my symptoms worse, I know I'm my own worse enemy! Has anyone had success with digestive enzymes?

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What kind of practitioner did you use? Was it a dietician? Thanks any information is always helpful.

Yep as with little toad who we always tend to agree on things related to this matter.

Digestive enzymes are a must, along with a good probiotic.

U must know how to use them though.

A good probiotic u should take in morning before u eat or drink anything hot( give good half a hour) a enzyme u generally take just before food. I take 2 a day.

They really are a must for ibs sufferers...

I am totally gluten and dairy intolerant and couldnt b without mine as any bit of the above intolerances will start me off , the pain and 💩. If i take a couple of them and loads of water it generally stops it all in its tracks.

I must agree with little toad though and tell u they must b good ones, yes more expensive but ur notice difference. I use bioglan gut flora probiotics and cytoplans digestive enzymes. U can only get on there reputable site.

They have changed my life, i can more or less eat and drink anything i like now and go out and not have to worry about toilets!

I also use peppermint oil capsules with dinner just to help with indigestion. Used to suffer terribly now i dont.

Lots of water and eat healthy( no onions, garlic or spice) and ur feel much better.

As little toad said they can take a while to work mine took 6 weeks and i noticed difference in everything. My skin,hair , nails. Bloating went.

Gluten and cows dairy really isnt best for people with ibs anyway as they are hardest thing for ur belly to digest

Hey little toad.

What ones do u use? I use cytoplans but i been told as with probiotics u should change them every so often so am looking into swapping for a while. Are they gluten and dairy free?

Wow, thank you ... very helpful. Its so difficult to find information but now I know this I'm going to see what I have locally. Already take probiotics which has definitely helped but have felt there needs to be something else to get further improvement but just didn't know where to go to get passed the quagmire of adverts etc to steer me in the right direction.

Thank you!!

Thanks all. I’d really love to go and see someone privately as it’s tough trying these things out alone but just can’t afford it at the moment 🙁. So I did a little research based on reviews and the one I’ve bought seems the best out of the otc products. It’s the Quest Enzyme Digest with peppermint, it has betaine HCI, Amylase, Lipase, Bromelain and Papain. I’m on the Low Fodmap so hopefully eliminating as many intolerances as poss. I haven’t touched dairy for years, don’t smoke, drink and have never used microwaves, so hopefully have a fairly good foundation to start with. I’ve tried lots of things to help with my IBS but if I’m truly honest I never give it time. I have a lot of anxiety attached to it and the moment I feel a product may have exacerbated my symptoms, I give up, for fear of weeks of flare up - cutting my nose off to despite my face, I know!! I must try and preserve 🙂

If I have no luck with these enzymes I will look to purchase the Cytoplan’s ones.

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Lulububs in reply to rustydog

Hey rustydog

I use cytoplans there really good, it was recommended to me by gastro doctor coz they got highest dose of everything u need in them.

My stomachs totally changed.

I can more or less eat anything

Well i say anything ! Not gluten or dairy

Yeh mine are all that aswell as im also yeast intolerant but mine said u should change every now and again as ur gut bacteria becomes used to it... same With probiotics?

Im with u though i have used mine years now and dont really wana risk it but mayb it good idea to change it once in a while, who knows.

As long as there free of everything im willing to try.

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