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now know i have suffered with ibs for 20 years+. just had blood tests & ultrasound after years of being fobbed off with tablets that dont help, instead of finding the sorce of my problems & my results are all clear which means i do have ibs (rather than wheat allergy/milk allergy etc). i know to steer well clear of certain veg & other foods that set me off but after yet another food diary have come to the conclusion cheese is a big problem - does anyone else suffer with cheese? can eat lasagne topped with cheese or pizza topped with cheese but a cheese jacket or sandwich is a terrible trigger - any idea why this is?

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i also can't eat cheese,not tried lasagne or anything but cheese sandwich is big no no and have no idea why


Cheese is v fatty. I get bad symptoms after cheese and anything oily, such as fried food or a takeaway curry. I still eat them because i enjoy them, but i will plan for access to a toilet afterwards!


Dairy cows are being fed genetically modified grasses and grains (GMO's). For that matter, so are the cattle we eat and chickens we eat or get eggs from. These are hard to digest and my experience has gone from indigestion, constipation (so bad I would vomit) and severe cramping to incontinence. What has corrected this is reducing consumption, getting 2% milk in glass bottles and not eating sharp or cheddar cheese (they are reported arthritis triggers. Monterey jack seems to be safe for me (no more than two oz. at a time). Hope this information helps.


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