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Is there any good medicine for to treat ibs in children

My son has ibs for the pass year. It is getting worst by the day. Sometime he is completely normal, other times he just can't get out of bed. We have tried mebeverine, capol, codine, fiber gel. Nothing works... someone suggested aleo vera juice, Has anyone tried it before? Any other medicine/food/treatment alternatives? Thanks.

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Hi Vcheung - ask your Dr to do a blood test (antibodies + enzymes) for coeliac disease. No child should be 'labelled' with IBS before that or other causes have been excluded e.g. lactose intolerance, stomach infection, colitis, other causes.

See: celiaccentral.org/ and patient.co.uk/health/Coelia...


Hi Vcheung I would try Symprove. Google it and see the reviews and Daily Mail write up and Kings College Hospital video and write up. I have been taking it for about 10 weeks now and definitely noticed an improvement. Not cheap though but if it works it is worth it!


Kerrym212 & Fiona GFG. Thanks for your responses


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