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is there any new treatments for IBS


I have suffered with IBS for 20years and tried anything and everthing I have heard of to help ,but still looking and willing to give anything a try,does anyone have any good sugestions,many thanks.

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No wheat no dairy no fried food no fizzy stuff no spicy no alcohol no smoking. Buscopan, alverine, loperamide, multi vitamin a day, probiotic a day. Exercise in moderation, fruit in moderation. Small amounts if fibre a day.....that is all lol. This is what works for me but as you know everyone is different. Good luck

I am now into my 3rd week on Amitriptyline (anti-depressant) and a wheat and gluten free diet. The difference is absolutely incredible. As I started both the diet and the tablet at the same time I can't say for definite which is helping my symptoms but after a year of feeling horrendous at this moment in time I really don't care!

I started the fodmap diet but found it too difficult to stick to. I have been tested for wheat and gluten intolerance and both came back clear but it's normally foods with those ingredients that trigger a flare up so I have just cut that out.

I am now pain free, exercising again, avoiding alcohol and eating really well.

It would be worth you going to your doctor and discussing your options.

Good luck!

what ibs do you have? if you have ibs-d thete is a trial. i have posted a link to it on my blog

thanks for replys but I have already tried all the suggestions,at moment I'm taking magnesium citrate tablets for C,bimuno ibaid pastles(i have found these the best pre/pro biotic,co-codamol for pain(its the only pain relief that will touch it).I have C dominent IBS with Diverticulor disease.I have tried 10mg Amitriptyline at night but find it very difficult to get out of bed in morning when taking it.I just wondered if there was anything new out there.

I did 6 weeks of phyical therapy for pelvic pain. Fantastic . I have IBS-C and Parkinson's . I was pain free almost a month then ate something I shouldn't over the holidays and it's been excruciating since. Trying the FODMAPs diet. It's interesting to me that my son told me he's very bothered by the symptoms you describe and he's cut out wheat, apples, and overripe bananas . (I think there's a genetic component but maybe environmental.)


Hi cassie17 I also suffer from IBS really badly theres this american site that has alot of things on there and for IBS C they have a new medicine coming out in march i think its called linzess but it will be called costella if you live in the uk or europe thats the link I was told I have IBS D but i think I suffer from both I have also tried everything other than anti anixety meds so maybe I need them I duno wat to do next but that website has loads of good info on it and its always updating when theres a new medicine out etc hope this helps :) sam

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Thank you I will take a look x


its kl

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