Is Fiber cereal good for you with IBS??

The Gastro Dr has put me on a fiber diet after l have starved from food. That has been me until l started with the spasms even if l do not eat. I know something has give. Does it always make you feel full?? I love fiber one cereal and that is one of them on his list. I started mine yesterday! Is this a good idea to keep bowels moving?? But always afraid will not work. I did use fiber cereal and fiber bread but it really made me feel full. I have to say this made me go to the bathroom and really a good one this morning. :) Does it always help you use the bathroom.

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  • Hi

    I have seen two nutritionists on the nhs both said completely different things about fibre so I would go carefully some people can't cope with a lot of fibre especially with ibs but they both said increase fibre gradually as it can have the opposite effect . porridge is a good kind of fibre not quite as harsh as some others,and chia seeds are very good as with everything with ibs everyone is different.

    All the best treez

  • Thankyou for the information! I did not realize it tell you the truth. But l did think about that! So l just ate a slice of Fiber Bread for this morning (natures own) and l do love it! :)

  • It's really confusing with the different types it's taken me a long time to find things out myself.if you're up to doing yoga there's loads on you tube to help digestion nothing to complicated either (ideal for me)☺

  • I am under a professor who is doing studies in IBS and he has told me under no circumstances should I have fibre and has restricted what I eat. I am waiting to go for hypnotherapy and have been put on Citalopram. I did try a high fibre diet years ago and lost 2 stone but I was really ill with it. Hope this helps and not confuses. I am also being tested for Celiac just in case as occasionally IBS is misdiagnosed.

  • Thank you Robbie for your insight and experience! I really do not care for the high fiber diet and that is why mine was always limited! I know some food have fiber in it already but not so overwelming! I know how treez feel about it! Sorta bothered my tummy a little! Do not like the full feeling so much either. I think the reason the doctors recemmended to me is l have constipation IBS and the doctors say it will keep it going. But l really do not know about that so much because in my opinion if you have that much fiber in your tummy you may have problems. That is just me though. Especially if you starved to keep from the pain! So my fiber have always been limited! The IBS has caused me much problems l am afraid!

  • If you have a long wait for hypnotherapy take a look at the IBS Audio Program 100 at

    I used it and was great. Also the guys work is known by Whorewell, Drossman and many other respected Gastro docs which gave me confidence.


  • Thanks will look at that. I am actually under Professor Whorewell.

  • Your welcome.


  • Alun001 l do appreciate the advice. I have thought strongly

    about this! I have call numerious who does this but most where l

    live only treats carwreck victims or other things. They use to treat the ibs patients but no longer do that!

  • Your very welcome Annie2222


  • Soluble fibre is best or that was the advice in Nice IBS Guidelines.


  • Thank you Alun001. I appreciate the insight about this. :)

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