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Everything is not always what it seems

After having years of medication for an over active bladder ( in spite of mentioning the loose bowels and other problems there - and a sigmoidoscopy showing diverticulitis) I eventually started to suspect my diet/IBS.

Apart from the pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness, alternating bowel movements from very loose to hard, burning need to get out of bed first thing in the morning etc I find that by eliminating the things I thought were good for us - beans, onions etc I already have much less bloating.

I look forward to seeing improvements.


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your symptoms very like mine.I'm also aware there are certain vegs I cant eat such as beans, cabbage, onion beetroot, green peppers (red are tolerable in small amounts).I can eat broccoli, carrots, turnip, parsnips mushrooms provided they are well cooked. Just be careful about cutting down too much on vegs.


Thanks Marie-Therese, I am new to this so will be careful. I just wonder how long it may be before I see some positive improvements (I have the beginnings I think).


Just a little up date. Ate the same as my wife but ended up with dreaded loose motions after a day out Sunday. It lasted through yesterday then went into difficult motions to pass (I did keep eating) so much wind you wonder where it all comes from - yesterday I know! I mean how is it generated?


hi, first time on here , is it still in use!/? Im in burnley lancs ,uk ,, is this site mainley american / as the medication isnt the same ,, i dont have bother anymore with bowel changes as such ,,,, but having lower left colocy dull pain, n a feeling of needing to go ,, its really getting me down now ,,, i was given buscapan, n told to use as soon as the dull ake starts, trouble is i last for hours , i can take up to 8 pills a day ,,, but it doesnt seem a good idea , when im getting the ake a lot of days ,,,,,cant be good , i v read of people on various things like colafac being taken for years ,, is it safe ???, i know theres no cure , so maybe you can take medication indefinatally,,, hope someone answers ,,,,,i did here that exersize is helpfull , as it moves the insides around a lot which is ment to help your insideds move along better ,, sounds logical , doesnt it !! regards valerie b x


Have you asked a dietitian about the FODMAP diet or been tested for coeliac disease?



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Hi Val

I too am in the north of the UK and I would think that with the headquarters in Sheffield it must be a British organisation.


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