what is the answer is it me?


As a long time sufferer of ibs. im beginning to wonder if most of the ibs problems are as much to do with internal conflict as to what we actually eat/drink. i'm suggesting if we are living in a way that is going against who we really are, want to be or in a relationship or holding onto some grievance no "medicine " will ever fix it. i'v only known one person who has been completely cured of ibs though i admit its not something many people will admit to or dismiss there ibs as an inconvenience .

anyone like to discuss this?


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  • Stress and anxiety certainly exacerbate my IBS. I have food triggers as well, but my mental state plays a big part.

  • I really don't know. Just when I think I'm making progress my symptoms change & I'm back to square one. IBS covers such a wide range of problems & we are all different.

    I know stress plays it's part but even in a week when I have nothing to worry about I can still feel rubbish.

    I feel better if I reduce the amount of wheat I eat but other than that I'm not convinced it's food related. I dislike taking too many medicines or "health" products as I think it's all too confusing and you don't know how they will all interact.

    Certainly if you are unhappy in your work or relationships then it will affect your health but many of us have very understanding partners & we still suffer.

    Personally I think most GPs don't know where to start so we are left to battle our way through various books, websites & products with no medical training & very little help from professionals.

    You wouldn't put the wrong fuel in your car but we are all guilty sometimes of putting the wrong "fuel" in our body!

    Rant over - sorry I'm having a bad week :)

  • Mc89.i agree with you entirely on alot you have said.

  • My English is poor, I am a Dutchman, but I will try. I feel you are damned right. I am 73 and have IBS ever since I was 23. In different periods in my life IBS was more painfull, sometimes less painfull. It was typical that there was a correlation between feeling sad/frustrated (more pain) and feeling glad (still IBS, but lesss severe). There als is correlation inhow I sleep. If my life has a poor quality, spasms wake me up all night. If life is a little more sunny, I sometimes sleep better. I tried all therapies you can think of, traditional and alternative. Nothing helps. During a recent relationship with a woman (7 months) I slept better when we slept together. I felt loved and save. Since this relationship ended I sleep as bad as ever before. I think you are damned right with your theory!!! Regards, Hans

  • I agree with you too Hans.ive no partner and its very lonely on your own especially when we feel poorly.my sleep is almost non exsitent at the moment,has been for some time.i think like the other person said,we are on our own with all this.Drs just dont or wont understand what we go through.its the same with fibremalagia to which i also have along with arthiritis.sorry to go on but its all getting me down at the moment.

  • State of mind definitely makes IBS worse or better. I haven't yet found that any medications make much difference but do use Imodium instants from time to time I've had IBS for 30 years now and do use FODMAPS as a base for food choices plus gluten free (but occasionally have small amount of wheat product) lactose free and use self hypnosis ibsaudioprogram100.com .

  • Anxiety,stress and worrying needlessly plays a big part in mine.i have alot of bad memories.

  • I would like to discuss this! Before joining this forum, I *never* knew that IBS was linked to stress and/or anxiety. I get very stressed/anxious when having an attack but I thought that was the result, not the cause.

    As I think about the times when my IBS was the worst, it *often* corresponded to various turmoil in my life. Also, I am generally a very laid-back, happy, glass half-full kind of person but when people around me are highly stressed or anxious, I take it on as well. It's almost as if it is palpable; I can actually feel it and it becomes my stress/anxiety as well. For a couple years now I've been trying to cut out people and situations that are 'toxic' (even though I'm not a fan of that term) to me.

    This is a very interesting topic to me and I hope others respond as well. :)

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