Birthday present!

Celebrated my 48th birthday 2 weeks ago, had lots of food and a wee glass of 'Baileys' and have been suffering ever since. I take Omeprazole and Mebeverine but they haven't been helping at all. I wake up in the morning feeling really down and tired and quite often with tummy ache, the rest of each day can be a struggle. I think that the 'Baileys' was not a good idea, I normally steer well clear of alchohol.

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  • Hi Trish64 I found that alcohol does make things worse.I also take Omeprazole dont think they help much until I started taking 2 at night. Mebeverine was useless and didnt help me at all..I find that eating cheese and spicy food made my IBS worse so avoid them at all costs.. I have many other health issues and have meds 4 all of them but not sure if they contribute 2 the IBS sometimes???I am at present on iron tablets for fattigue but found they made it worse..I am off 2 hospital next week as been in agony for over a month now..I have had a major op on my bowel too as it was twisted..Just keep pestering ur doctor and hopefully u will get it sorted..

  • Hi agonyalways! Thanks for your comment, I might try increasing the Omeprazole. Interesting to hear that cheese causes you trouble, I absolutely love cheese and being a virtual vegetarian it tends to be a major part of my diet -must cut down on it I think!!

  • I love it too baked spud and loadsa cheese my fav.. But had to stop as I had worked out wot was making my ibs worse believe u me not happy!! Someone suggested on here a gluten free diet. I might try giving it a go..Its a case of process of ellimination I think :) ...

  • Tried gluten free bread once and it was disgusting! Just started taking vitamin + probiotic tablets and have some charcoal tablets on the way as I do suffer a lot of wind.

  • Wind wots that lol...I used to be very constipated and couldnt go for 3-4 days...Now I have the opposite effect. As I said before my doctor put me on iron tablets and OMG I was in agony for weeks.I went back and have been given different ones so hopefully, fingers crossed these help as I am so low on iron that I find even getting up in the mornings. I feeling tired all the time. But wake up during the night coz I cant sleep..I starting to think, Wots the point!!

  • It is a struggle when you are just existing from day to day and not really living, I do hope that your doctor can find the exact solution for you! It is good to have this sort of communication with fellow sufferers, it is helping me to feel that I am not the only one having to face all the unpleasantrys of IBS.

  • Hi, my name is Sam I know how you feel been an i.b.s sufferer myself! Oops, ah well you have to do something naughty occasionally. I did something similar on my birthday, I went out for an Indian and suffered, but never mind. If you don't live sometimes how much do you know what you can stand of any food. Try Kolantinon get, it will work as an anti-spasmodic, great stuff when you really suffering but tastes like pants! Let me know if this helps, Sam.

  • Been to hospital yet again and as ususal get told 'U have seen alot of consultants but dont seem 2 find anything wrong.. I got 2 the stage that Well it must be all in my head then..I must be asleep or dead and just dream I am in so much pain...Now been told that I gotta have a CT scan and if they dont find anything they just send me back 2 my doctors....So I just back where I started!! At the docs and him having no clue????? And they wonder y I get so angry then upset......

  • Hope they come up with some answers for you from the CT Scan, how long do you have to wait?

  • Never told I had IBS couldnt understand the pain day and night. After reading about IBS have come to the conclusion that is what I have. Wouldnt take pain tabs as didnt want to cammoflage reason for pains. Made slow progress since last September so just slight tolerable burning feeling at times and changed to lactose free which was big help. Doctor neednt tell me now as have worked it out from internet. 2010-2011 was real bad. Rekon am over the worst part, havent clue what triggered it unless shock caused by standing on kitchen draining board to clean window and slipped went flying though air...was hurt and shocked but didnt call help. The future is bright that is all that matters. Intestines must be extra sensitive, unusual condition.

  • i was diagnosed three weeks ago after suffering with IBS for 13 months. i seen three different doctor and was told by the first two that i had muscle spasms and was put on audmonal which didnt help at all, then in july i was put on mebeverine (the orange sachets) they made my chest bad as i cant tolerate orange and then found that peppermint oil capsules work. but my symptons start if i eat too much bread or too much cheese. but the doctors i seen first werent helpful at all but thankfully the last doctor i seen he listened to me and then told me that i had IBS, but figured it out myself over the internet

  • hi there just been lukin at wat u asked so hp u dnt mind i was hvin lot,s of pains so i tuk it upon myself and went glutton and wheat free plus diary also any red meats dnt take its bloody hard because it involves ur fav food,s it helped 4 me lv ann

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