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Has anyone experienced everything tasting different after taking Fybogel mebeverine?

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I have a weird taste and nothing I eat tastes the same I’m wondering if it’s caused by fybogel

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I didn’t experience any difference in taste… have you been tested for Covid?

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Hi Dltcl27My gastroenterologist told me to stop taking Fybogel, instead take Laxidol (much better), and a locum prescribed Mebeverine to top the awful cramps, and I mean AWFUL, reducing me to tears on many occasions (I am a strong man nearly 70 years old). It certainly has NOT got rid of my IBS, however it certainly helped regularity and much, much less pain. I also take 5mg Amytryptelene every night, the smallest dose is 10mg, so you have to cut the tab in two.

As regards tastes... I used to drink two large cups of tea upon getting up in the morning, now I can only manage half a cup as it doesn't taste like it used to. Coffee, just one small cup per day, tastes the same. However I have noticed I am unable to recognise what meat I am eating, be it beef, lamb, pork or even chicken. I hope this helps and I also hope you are able to regain a more pleasurable life.

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I did not notice any change in taste in taking Mabeverin or fybogel. But everyone is different and there could be something that doesn't agree with you.

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I haven't noticed any difference with the taste of anything when taking fybogel either.

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