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frequent bowel movements

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does anybody else have this problem? I wake up and within 30 minutes have my first bowel movement. Then when I eat something.. it can even be 3 hours later, I'll have to go again. Some days are worse than others where I believe max I can go 4 times throughout the day. I've only ever used to go once. Does this signal some sort of disease? I'm really worried..

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Sounds very much like classic IBS.

even with normal consistency? say a 5 on the bristol chart followed by a 4 and then maybe pellets?

That sounds a bit like it might be overflow. That's when the softer stuff pushes past the harder stuff.

Mommy, what you describe is pretty normal. Im up at 6.30am most mornings, having to go. I have my breakfast around 8.15am.that triggers my second visit. I sometimes have a third in late evening. My doctor calls it the "baby" effect. As we have more sensative guts than normal, a meal can trigger a visit sometimes 30 to 60 mi ns later. Its a nuisance, but after 30 years of having IBS. Used to its quirks now. Good luck, dont worry about it. That will only make your gut worse👌

This is exactly how I feel! Good to know it's not necessarily abnormal. I have a colonoscopy scheduled soon so I guess I'll know more then. I get an uncomfortable feeling in my backside, like a pressure build up as the day goes on. Hoping it's not something worse than hemorrhoids and IBS.

It is just your IBS telling you to change your diet, I used to go up to 10 times a day at my worst, check out what fibre your eating it to much insoluble fibre will make you loose to my soluble fibre will block you up you have to find a happy medium, I have always had to go when I wake up, it has been annoying for many years, my daughter used to get me up early, she would say come on dad get up do to toilet then we can go out because I would not go out until I had been because with my IBS I don’t get much notice.

I can have anywhere from 1 to many bowel movements a day. I suffer from constipation so if I don't manage to get enough out first thing in the morning I find that they'll end up 'drip feeding' during the day. Going 3 times a day is considered normal. Often a meal will trigger the urge as food gets shunted through the system. It only becomes a real problem if the urgency is so much or you have diarrhea so that you are at risk of messing yourself. Though I do understand (under non COVID times) if you are out and about there can be practical problems with this and it's a case of whether you can hold it in in these circumstances if you have to.

It sounds like IBS. Or you could have become intolerant to dairy or yeast. Look up the low Fodmap diet and exclude dairy/lactose and whey powder from your diet for a couple of weeks. It does of course mean no chocolate, alcohol or fizzy drinks for a couple of weeks. Worth a try.

Sounds like IBS to me - got same symptoms today. Such a nuisance when going out !! Sometimes keep feeling that need to go again , then at some point you feel that’s it now , all clear to go out !

I have constipation little and often and yea very inconvenient painfully and bloated. Formap diet made it worse don't want to rely on laxatives.

Absolutely relate to this, some days much worse than others. Urgency too, makes life difficult if you are going out for a while or eating out. Can feel my anxiety over all this increasing as things open up, but this makes it worse! I have been taking a regular probiotic and I think that has made a big difference, but some days not so much.

Hi Mommy_of_2, I'm 71 and am experiencing the same symptoms as you, but along with the frequent pooping (#3, 4, or5 on Bristol Chart) I get lower abdomen aches and rumbling. Today I must have visited the bathroom 6 or 7 times, and always feel better for it, but the discomfort builds up until the next poop. I have no idea what food causes this at all, but I do get anxious ....a lot, particularly health anxiety. I live alone and my symptoms have definitely worsened during lockdown. My GP gave me mebeverine and at first they were good but I stopped them as I thought they were making me constipated. Sorry for going on a bit, but I was told it's IBS. Hope you feel better soon.X

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Mommy_of_2 in reply to asenath

Thank you. I forgot to mention that I too have abdominal discomfort after eating certain foods. It's like my stomach just can't handle what it used to. I'm 30 years old and this came about during and got worse after my pregnancy. Did you have a colonoscopy done? I'm scheduled for one very soon. I'm sorry you're suffering too.

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asenath in reply to Mommy_of_2

No, never had a colonoscopy, my GP asked a load of questions, did a stool test, a blood test and that was all. This was about 5/6 years ago, but I never could discover what foods were causing it. I eliminated lactose early on and that helped greatly for a couple of years, but apart from my own anxiety, I haven't a clue what my triggers are. I'm waiting to hear from CBT therapist as I was referred a few weeks ago, also I have a phone appointment with a dietitian next month. Not sure about pregnancy being connected though, can't help with that, (never had children), but was in my 60s when I was diagnosed. Do your pains start without eating as I can wake up with them?

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Mommy_of_2 in reply to asenath

I sometimes wake up a bit nauseous.. but my main discomfort does start after eating. I have to be very careful what I eat. My doctor thought possible gastritis and had me submit a stool sample for h pylori but I haven't heard back withresults yet. How bad is your pain level?

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asenath in reply to Mommy_of_2

Pain level is not high, but persistent, and causes nausea and lower back pain, some days I don't get this discomfort, and feel great, but the next day it's back again. This last year my bad days have escalated, not the pain....but the feeling like I have to keep going the toilet, but not diarrhea, it get's me down, Mommy_of_2, but I don't know how I'd go on if I was your age, my trouble only started after I retired. I do hope you get sorted when you've had your colonoscopy etc. you're so young, I feel for you!X

I go 27/7 from first thing so I wouldn’t worry to much

Sounds like my life for the past 15 years. Mine is IBS D. Feel quite confined to house many days.

I have about 3 minutes from waking to getting to the toilet! An hour later I'm back for another. It's normal for me to go around three times a day but during a flare up six times is not unusual.

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Mommy_of_2 in reply to WellySam

this is what I deal with as well. Would you mind sharing the consistency of your stool? for instance is it constipation or diarrhea or somewhere in the middle? I find mine r usually somewhere between normal and loose but there's some differences occasionally of course.

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WellySam in reply to Mommy_of_2

Yes in between mostly. When it's bad I get mucus sometimes and occasional explosive ones! But mostly softish

Yes, this is exactly what my day is like everyday

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