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Pains and diarrhea after lunch.

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Hi everyone my problem is the diarrhea I get 1.5 hours after lunch. It's not every day can go 2 weeks then it happens couple of days in a row. I eat very bland no spices, sometimes just a sandwich sometimes a meal seems to make no difference. I had a colonoscopy which was fine. After going to the toilet I get a lot of bloating and after a couple of hours strong hunger pains. Had gall bladder out 7 months ago, I was better for 6 weeks no symptoms then it returned. It makes me frightened to go out. I think about it all the time. Also had palpitations after my operation which is being investigated. Any help please . Thanks

Hi again doctor rang yesterday so difficult on the phone but here goes. He is pleased my colonoscopy was ok and I haven't yet started on medication for AF so it s not those. I had a redo fundoplication in 2015 so he thinks it could be related. He is going to check my blood results and get back to me. So I honestly don't hold out a lot of hope at this time. Might be back to the drawing board ...

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Sounds like classic IBS but if it has got worse since having your gallbladder removed it might be an idea to checkout Bile Acid Malabsorption

Thank you so much for your positive answer. I had a revisit to the Consultant who did my gallbladder op who said it was nothing to do with the op, he recommended I see a gastroenterologist. With the covid problem I have a phone call on Friday from one. Fingers crossed. X

Let us know how you get on.

Will do

I be interested to hear what they say as l may need my gallbladder out due to a polyp

Following from my phone call with Consultant I have received a letter today. He is asking my GP for more tests. Then he will speak to me again. So things are happening a bit. He said I am a thin lady not sure how he knows this over the phone t he just asked if I had lost weight!!

That sounds good then, I hope you can get some answers, keep us in the loop with what's going on. But don't rule out the Bile Acid Malabsorption because some people do get it after gallbladder removal!

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