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Hi I have just been prescribed lansoprazole for acid reflux I never get heartburn just feel sick and bloated with a horrible taste in my mouth every day this was a telephone diagnosis by the doctor based on my symptoms but I have taken them for two days now each morning and the nausea is even worse has anybody experienced these symptoms or tablets

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Hi Leenol48, I have been on Lansaprazole since about November last year, was on ranitidine before these for about 16 years before taken off because of a cancer scare. I found I cannot take the Lansaprazole before food as they make me feel sick, I eat about half my breakfast first then take lansaprazole finish breakfast and my tea. Hope this helps. Not everyone is the same and this might not work for you, but hope it does. If you still feel bloated and sick it might be how much and what you are eating. Keep safe

Thanks for the reply I will try that

It is worth a try, it works for me so fingers crossed. Make sure you drink a glass of water with the tablet.

Ok I will give it a go how long before you felt better says 2 or 3 days but am sceptical

I dont know how long it will take you, I still get bouts of gas, bloated, pain around abdomen to the back, but its normally if I eat something I shouldnt. You need to find what foods to avoid by making a note what you eat every day. Also make sure you drink plenty of water as this helps to flush food through. Dont drink any fizzy drinks at all, I am not celiac and can eat dairy products which is lucky for me, but I cannot eat garlic or onions, and now know that bread causes me to feel bloated so only have 1 slice now and again, crisp breads I'm fine with, use to drink I white wine changed to red as not so acidic but if you drink limit the amount. Try your foods and make a note, if I can help in any way I will, and so will many others on this forum who suffer from this ibs. x

Please let me know how you get on

I will thanks for the information so is ibs and acid reflux linked

You can read up about acid reflux ibs on nhs website, and Gerd which is linked to acid reflux similar but Gerd can be bad.

Maybe I have GERD because it’s every day at the moment

IBS is every day as well, until you get it under control, I have had the horrid acid taste in my mouth and I do not have Gerd. Ask your GP for blood tests and a poo test. Eat plenty of fruit and veg and drink water . Stress does not help the symptoms, also do not to eat after 7pm at night and if you feel bloated drink a cup of boiled water. As I say make a list of food what you eat every day to see what triggers it off.

I’ve had bloods done and the poo test but all normal I had an ultrasound which showed a polyp on my gallbladder but nothing to worry about and I don’t really get the constipation diarrhoea it’s just the nausea and bloating that’s really bad I gave up smoking six months ago and haven’t felt right since

That's good news with your tests so now think positive. As for smoking I dont know as I have never smoked and I'm 68 now. Please try not to worry as this will aggravate your symptoms, if theres no improvement in about 2 weeks time then ask your GP to refer you to a dietacian. You must try and help your self first with what you are eating.

Yes I must admit my diet has been poor for the last few years living on bread crisps cheese and biscuits and cereal

Nows the time to improve it, and you can do it. Let me know how you get on, good luck

Thanks for your support

Your welcome, anytime.

Yes, these tablets take a week or so to work properly but they do have side effects. I suffer with IBS as well as acid stomach and they caused me to have a changed sense of taste and caused agonising stomach cramps. I took Zantac instead which are brilliant but they have been withdrawn. Now I'm stuck for something to take. All I can suggest is eat dry browned toast as an acid mop up.

Ok thanks for your advice much appreciated

I couldn’t tolerate them, tried for three weeks, loss of appetite, felt sick, diarrhoea, everything tasted wrong.

Came off them. Was on Ranitadine (not sure of spelling) which really agreed with me but taken off because of cancer scare. Now just take Rennies before bed.


My bf was on them for 8 months. It's the worst thing you can take. At first once you start or stop to take them they will make you feel worst.Best medication for acid reflux that cured my bf was diet: no fried food, sugar, tea, coffee, milk and GREEN BLACK WALNUT COMPLEX by Now, Candida clear tablets.

We bought them online on Iherb

Hope you will feel better

Tell your GP. I was on omeprazole and had similar problems ie sick feeling, chest pain etc and they changed me to esomeprazole. Sounds weird but it seems to have helped despite being pretty much the same drug. From the little I know about it they tend to prescribe omeprazole first as it’s the cheapest. Keep pestering your GP until you feel better. Ive found both give me constipation though. Best of luck sorting this out. Also, check out silicol gel. I’ve just ordered sone as I’ve heard that’s good as well

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Thanks I’ll give it a go

It's really important to take Lansoprazole before any food, first thing in the morning. This is important for most PPIs. What you describe does sound like GERD. I've taken Lansoprazole for over 3 years and it helps my GERD and acid reflux. As others have stated, you may want to keep a food diary. I've had to follow FODMAP. This has helped me identify the triggers to GERD as well as my IBS. I've found that soy products and sulfates will really set off my GERD. Unfortunately, this has meant removing red wine from my vices!

Thanks for the reply that’s a shame I am partial to the odd glass of red wine how long does it take to have an effect

I took omeprazole for the same symptoms as you, it made me even more sick. Then I took Nexium, it was better, but caused panic attacks. The I switched to omeprazole again, became nauseous again and this nausea is persistent even after stopping omeprazole since 8 months ago. A friend of mine is also sensitive to prazoles, so she took Thorne’s GI encap and says she is almost well. I am still waiting for my order, so I started taking Lansoprazole, it worked within a week for the burning, but not for the nausea. I am not sure if those prazoles cause some permanent change to stomach lining. Nothing helps for my nausea except Zofran.

No wine, no smoking, no tomatoes.

Hi there,I thought I would just put my twopence worth in .

Now I’ve been taking Lansoprazole for over 15 yrs. I had my Gall Blader took away,and I was put on them 30mg dispersible,I also take aspirin.

I take quite a lot of other medication for different health issues,so one day trying to cut down what I take,I came on one of these chats to talk about coming off Lansoprazole,and a lady told me to stay with it particularly because I take aspirin. So I had a chat with my GP who agreed,so I suggested taking 15mg and my GP said fine. Now the point I’m making here,is very occasionally I feel sick,but do the benefits outweigh the problem. I do think you should Chat to your GP preferably to taking advice off here,when it comes to medication. People can only tell you there experiences,but we don’t know you like your GP.

Had similar given laranzaprole for h hernia ended up changing to omeprazole as get on better with it once in morning before breakfast and dont eat before you go to bed 2 hours clear

I got gastritis and had a gastroscopy which showed the gastritis and h pylori infection. I was then given eradication therapy which was two different antibiotics and lansoprazole at the same time. Shortly after I developed terrible ibs. Eventually I was sent to see the UK's top consultant on the bowel and in specific IBS professor Peter Whorewell. He revealed to me that PPIs such as lansoprazole and antibiotics have been linked to ibs.

I had 15 hours of ibs gut directed hypnotherapy on the NHS which is the only hypnotherapy you can get on the NHS at professor whorewells treatment centre at manchester university wythenshawe hospital. It really worked for me and my bloating eventually disappeared along with other ibs symptoms.

Just recently I had a heart attack and to protect my stomach from the heart meds like blood thinners clopidogrel etc I was put back on lansoprazole and now I have bloating and abdominal pain all over again and infact think I may have h pylori infection again.

Obviously stress and anxiety also triggers ibs symptoms and has also been linked to its cause or as a symptom of ibs but they all seem to be in a vicious circle. Trick is to break the cycle. Problem is to detect h pylori you need to stop ppis such as lansoprazole for at least 2 weeks before a test and sometimes that can be so hard if you are in pain from acid reflux or gastritis. You then of coursexalso have increased stress.

Try to meditate using say a headspace app on your phone or tablet and try to reduce or eliminate food and drink that aggravates acid reflux or gastritis like coffee caffeine spicy foods alcohol etc and ask your doctor for a h pylori test but then you need to stop the lansoprazole for at least 2 weeks before the test. I got a breath test where I took a pill drank some orange juice and breathe into a tube and post in the post to a test lab. They then send the results to your gp.

Hi thanks for your reply sorry to hear that your suffering too What did gastritis feel like as I think I might have it I tested negative for H pylori twice so don’t think I have that

Could you possibly have the SIBO?

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What’s sibo

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a serious condition affecting the small intestine. It occurs when bacteria that normally grow in other parts of the gut start growing in the small intestine.

The most common symptoms of SIBO include:

Abdominal pain/discomfort.

Bloating and abdominal distention.


Constipation (generally associated with methanogens)

Gas and belching.

In more severe cases, there may be weight loss and symptoms related to vitamin deficiencies.

Hi Leenol48 how are things going for you? Since responding to you I have had a big flare up, spoke to my GP just now, he has taken me of Lansaprazol he thinks I have a allergy towards them. His told me to continue gaviscon 4 times a day as I said I didn't want to try buscapan at the moment.If they are working ok for you now keep it up. Hope your feeling better.

Hi sorry to hear you’ve had a flare up I’ve been on the lansoprazole a week now can’t really say I feel any better to be honest hope you feel better soon

Sorry to hear you dont have any improvement, you can read so many different meds to try on this forum, are you eating now as you were only eating crackers and cheese not a proper meal. Take care.

Hi yes I’m eating more now and the acid is a bit better but I still get the nausea but maybe that could be anxiety not the best of times at the moment is it

I have been sick everyday with stomach acid I have been on 60ml of lansaprazole for 10 days. Feeling a bit better today. It my night time doze makes me sick, but I am half way and want to get better

If you have a bad case try and stick to it

If you have been sick you need a higher doze. Not easy

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Hi I’ve been taking the lansoprazole for nearly 3 weeks 30 mg but don’t seem to be working at the moment

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Ask your dr for 60 ml that should work !

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Ok I will ring them thanks

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