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I'm giving up


Anyone else with ibs ever think that if the worst comes to the worst I'll just kill myself. Sorry to be dark just going through a bad patch having bad thoughts. Sometimes, and quite regularly now I think all this is too hard

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I'm sorry you are experiencing these kind of things. I understand how you feel. Please do not give up. There are so many things to try which can make our lives & IBS better.

I appreciate your reply.i get myself in such bad places in my mind. Im not after advice on ibs I've lived with it for 25 years it's ruled my life, I hate it with a passion. I'm at a very bad low right now. I am seriously on the edge, I hate that it rules my life, I've lost my best years and it's ruling my future

I totally understand and I’m so sorry you’re feeling so done. I often feel like you do - it does rule our lives, it does rob us of so many potentially fun or joyful experiences. And it’s not regarded as a disability, so we get no real help or recognition. It’s also one of those illnesses that people make fun of.

But please don’t give up. Do you have an understanding family or a good doctor? X

Yes I have felt like that from time to time but then I think about my family and the impact it would have on them . You need to go to talk to your doctor and perhaps see a counsellor talking your feelings over may help.

So sorry you feel this way. It's a horrible disease. I know I've had it for 40 years. Please hang on in there. Do things that make you feel better and be kind to yourself.

I do know how you feel - I've felt this way too.

I've recently tried probiotics and they have made a difference.

There's nothing much i can say to help you but know that you are not alone.

Life is never meant to be easy, no one is perfect and we all have good days and bad days, I have ibs and I currently live in Vietnam, so apart from the language barrier, trying to eat food that won’t trigger my ibs is hard, I don’t see it as a struggle, I see it as a challenge, which I’m determined to win.

I have bad days, but then I see other people who are struggling daily, and I realise I’m lucky, every cloud has a silver lining.

I felt this way a couple months ago. And I know this is just awful to hear because I would want to slap people when they told me this but.. when I started to relax and meditate and try not to think of it.. it's like the issues partly went away. I started taking apple cider vinegar pills (make sure u read the ingredients because some are scams) and they honestly help me so much. I eased into them and now take it with a probiotic and I'm so happy. I still get flare ups but I just try to stay away from extra stress during those times and stay hydrated. It will get better don't give up.

I've had thoughts, like I wouldn't mind if life ended now, but not suicide, just if it came to it, then this would end...I'm trying to do this holistically just now, focusing as much on my psyche and inner self as on what I eat and how much I exercise. Sometimes a drastic change is what is needed, and a good start is to change your thoughts. Not sure if this helps at all, but take care and don't give up!

I have rotten days And I went to my Gasoligist he is so good and honest dosent pull any punches He told me getting upset causes stress WHICH makes it so much worse So I have started pilaties And it is Helping so much because it works on your stomach core ..please try it .Good Luck

I'm so sorry you feel this way but can relate to your sense of hopelessness. Ibs is a relentless, devastating illness which is too often brushed off leaving you feeling so helpless. Please don't give up. I've started this year giving myself hope by strict fodmaps diet and enrolling for hypnotherapy - I'll be in debt but I'll be in hope and that's previous. Much love to you x

Please don't think of giving up over this speak to your doctor and tell him how your feeling. It's not nice I know I suffer daily to but life is precious no matter what. I have a brother with cancer who is fighting so hard to stay alive. Don't give up ,pls speak with your doctor. We're all here if you need a chat. X

Reading the replys it looks to me like a lot of people a re suffering with depression because of ibs. Don't let ibs control your life you control ibs with help x

You have two choice give up and let IBS control your life or do everything you can to manage the IBS and live your life. Look at IBS as a positive thing and not a negative thing it's going to force you to live a healthy lifestyle and make you mentally strong. It's been established that there's a gut, brain connection and it does affect us it's scientifically proven so don't threat. I've been a bit depressed recently so I started reading books and understanding the gut and digestive system and the gut Flora I'm going to become an expert at the subject I've decided that. There are people who have healed completely from Crohn's and ulcerative collitis they are a complete inspiration and give me motivation that there's a way. It takes a bit of patience, intuition and will power. IBS has taken away a lot of opportunitys for me but I'm not going to use it as an excuse to not live my life.

It is awful to feel so hopeless, I have been there too. Please remember you can always contact Samaritans 24/7 by phone or text, or even email. They will listen to you about absolutely anything. My son is a listening volunteer and does regular shifts. He does this because they helped him when he was in a dark place as a young man. Tel 116 123


Oh I'm so sorry to read that you are feeling this way. My IBS has only just been diagnosed and Im finding it a struggle to understand about diet etc. Ive definitely noticed a change in my mental health since I've had this flare up so I can totally understand when they say there is a connection between the brain and the gut. Please don't give up. We are all here to support you if you need a safe place to share your frustrations. Do you have any hobbies? or close friends/family that you can talk to and spend time with?

So feel for you. I've suffered with IBS for over 30 years. It's awful I know. I've sat in my own shit many times! I'm retired now but the awful situations I've been in at work don't bear mentioning!!! I take imodium before going anywhere. It should be made a disability. Taking your own life is not the answer dear, I know you are struggling but why give up your life for this, I eat to suit my condition and ignore others advice on food. Eat only what doesn't affect your tummy. You know yourself better than anyone. And please speak to Samaritans at anytime, they've been invaluable to me. And, as I did, learn to love yourself. You deserve to live your life. Tell your doctor how you are feeling please. Look forward to an update from you in coming days ❤️

I have felt the same. I have health anxiety which makes my IBS worse. I too have felt like ending it all but then thats not fair for the ones left behind. I have contacted a CBT therapist which is helping. All I can say hang in there your mood will lift and seek counselling.

Thank you all for your replies, I'll try and take bits from all the replies, how long I can keep putting up with this I don't know but I guess I'm stuck with it

Look Terriblytired you've got to hang in there - many of us with IBS have thought some dark thoughts. You need to realize that your mindset plays a huge role in your health. I am an IBS sufferer for more than 30 years and for the first several my life was non-existent; I knew where every public washroom in the city was - yet I rarely socialized for fear of being sick. For days while working I didn't eat until I got home so I could be ill thru the night. To start you need to let your friends and family know when you are having an episode so they will understand a little better. You also need to track when you get the worst symptoms - what did you eat, how much water did you drink, what was your stress level etc etc. Are you taking a probiotic? Are you eating much dairy (dairy for me was/is a problem)? Have you talked to your doctor? If he or she doesn't seem to understand or help then get a new one that does. Try and develop some comfort cues - can you learn to take proper deep breaths, do you know any relaxation techniques - for me it became rubbing my right thigh to help with the cramping and pains. I also started a mantra where I told myself that my IBS wasn't going to stop me from living. Thankfully for me I am much better in the past 5+years - much of that is due to positive attitude, food changes and a probiotic.

Stay strong and reach out to loved ones and medical staff.

I’m so sorry to hear about all of the problems that people are having. To some extent I can understand how you feel because my wife used to suffer from IBS. She was often rushed to hospital in an ambulance and one time was kept in for a fortnight to have tests; she was diagnosed with IBS. She used to wish for an end and said if she could have a tablet to stop this she’d sacrifice 5 years of her life (so she’d risk taking life shortening drugs to live a IBS free life). Two years ago she gave up drinking alcohol and has not had IBS symptoms since. At the same time I designed a strong magnetic health device which she uses. She thinks it’s a combination of both things. I have also used the magnetic device (we call it Big Bertha) on others with IBS and they have had relief from pain. So please don’t give up hope. Just keep trying different things and if you would like any further info about the magnetic device please do get in touch

I'm intrigued about Big Bertha, could you tell us more please!

Hi Maureen I designed Big Bertha two years ago, a strong magnet to help people relieve aches and pains. A few of my customers let family members with IBS use it and they were amazed at how well it worked. If you would like more information you can have a look at my website Magnets4wellbeing.com

Thanks for that. I'll take a look!



Sorry to hear you're struggling. Remember you are not alone.

We are here to help and support people living with IBS. We understand how debilitating it can be.

Have you tried keeping a wellness diary looking at your mood, food and events in your life? This may help you identify patterns to your IBS.

We also have a self-care programme and IBS telephone helpline that may help you. More information on our website theibsnetwork.org


It sucks that’s true and too many days are fought with pain, “what if’s” and isolation but that alternative is much grimmer.

Positive thinking is key! I, like millions of others fight this on a daily basis. It can be as bad as I make it.

If I wake up and let it consume me it will but if I choose to be stronger than the symptoms I win.

Death will absolutely come and most likely when you would prefer to live.

Life is but a blink don’t spend it paralyzed by fear.

Yesterday was and the day before were doozies. Severe upper, center abdominal pain, fatigue so bad I couldn’t even concentrate, a state mental fog, hurt to bend, sit, stretch and diarrhea.

I wanted to sleep all day but instead I went SHOPPING!!!!!! I didn’t spend a lot but was out for several hours, got some fresh air, had a cart of several sympathy buys but put them all back! My momma told me years ago, if it’s over fifty bucks leave it, if you still want it tomorrow go back and get it. Impulse buying is stores best friend and she’s always right, I don’t want nor need it now.

My point is, what started out as horrible ended up a great day because I made it a great day.

I do this often and since I know I’m not “sick” or contagious and it’s my long term diagnosis I may as well make the best of it. I refuse to let this consume me, I am in control of my body

and mind. No one can do this for you, you alone must conquer this. I am proof you can!!!!!

Please don’t let this get out of control, talk to someone, get outside, excercise, treat yourself, volunteer, go for a drive, buy a companion pet. Anything!!!!!!! Sky’s the limit because you are worth it!!!!! Best of best to you

Try a holistic doctor that does Bio feed back I am seeing one and she is amazing I have IBS depression and she has my body healthier then ever . I am not so depressed with more energy and my immune system is healthier. I am on different supplements for my needs and feeling much better. Doctors don’t understand me and she gets me and can figure out how to solve it and not cover it up with drugs. Remember it’s not now not ever do we give up its onward and upwards!

One day we will all be relieved of IBS, we’ll all be dead. Until then life is a challenge. Find something positive in your life right now at this moment, maybe in nature, or a nice memory, perhaps a goal, and push out the dark thought for a while.

Our circumstances change as time passes and you may find yourself in a different place one day which helps your physical and mental condition. I read self help books as well as try to keep my body attractive and in as good a condition as possible. Keep some social contacts, go to church if that helps, do whatever you can for yourself to make forward progress bit by bit. It sounds as if you are an expert in your particular illness.

I hope you see these as words of encouragement.

No, but I sure would like a regular piece of bread! It is very frustrating, that's for sure. Keep your chin up. Sorry you are feeling so low.

Yes it is horrible and IBS robs you of lots of good times , days out , parties , sports, events etc ,etc. I have suffered for approx. 53 years and at odd times have had similar thoughts . It has caused stress , depression and early retirement from a fairly successful career. --not all what I expected , even at some points, - feeling that this is no life at all !

On a more positive note , now at 73 years old and over, quite a number of years now , I can say things are much improved. I now manage to attend most family occasions and play my sport ( golf) . I see my grandchildren , play with them and also have enjoyed quite a number of holidays abroad over quite a few years . A lot improved gradually after early retirement ,but still , that was not a magic answer.

Things can get better , it can take a lot of time and effort but life can still be worth living.

Eventually you find ways to cope . Medication which works for you to help and removing stress from your life is a good start , I think that really helps with coping. Just knowing you are in control and not having things that involve being places etc ., at a specific time, or place for example. Knowing its okay to have a bad day .

You also must just keep researching meds and strategies to cope until you find a way that gives you a bearable life , hopefully with friends , partners etc that understand .

Do not under estimate the situation though --I still have IBS and bad days , I just have found ways to cope better and get through the bad times --even if it is just knowing --this will pass and I will feel a bit better .

I have only replied to you because I strongly feel that you should not give up , where there is a will , there is a way . I really hope that you persist and find a way to have the best life that you can .

Something ,or somebody , somewhere will help , so keep trying . I hope this reply helps.



Hi Terriblytired try going vegan that helped so much for me that I stopped my medication


Let met tell you one thing today, there is no such thing like IBS. It is just naval displacement from its center. Believe me this is not a disease at all. It is just body alignment has gone disturbed due to naval displacement. It's a concept of ayurveda, doctors doesn't know anything about it. They just called it IBS. You can be 100% cure within weeks if your naval is shifted to its center. It can be done by nurotherepy or you can do it by watching videos on you tube on your own. Believe me it's true, in rural India no one suffers from this disease. Because they know it's just naval displacement and cure it by doing some exercises only.

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