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I had a colonoscopy with Moviprep four weeks ago, which was all clear. My reason for having this is that I have suffered from loose bowel motions for a number of years which I have attributed to IBS. Since having the procedure my bowel movements have become more on the constipated side, although I do go every day. I was just wondering if anyone who has had a colonoscopy has experienced the same.

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Hi Sue - I had a colonoscopy about 2 years ago after experiencing diarrhoea and passing clear liquid/mucus for some time. Directly after the procedure I was prescribed Celevac (bulking agent) and my symptoms disappeared. I continued with the celevac until they could no longer supply due to manufacturing problems (approx 8 mths). When I restarted the symptoms did not disappear. This led me to believe that it was not the celevac that overcome my symptoms so therefore it must have been the colonoscopy or the laxative given prior to the colonoscopy.

To this end I decided to go for 2 sessions of colon irrigation (about 6 weeks ago) to see if this cleared my bowel out and kicked started my system. Unfortunately they noticed blood during the procedure which led to a second colonoscopy (approx 4 weeks ago) after clearing my bowel with Picolax.

They couldn't see any blood (but found a few diverticula) but ever since the procedure my bowel movements and consistency have been absolutely fine and on occasions have been on the constipated side. Strange that we have both experienced similar things.

I have no idea what's going on but its been a relief to get back to normal. Hopefully it will last.

The only other thing to note is that for months I have had a dull pain (intermittent) on the left hand side mid flank just under back ribs)

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