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Movement under ribs

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with low B12 and as a result of B12 deficiency I have some gastro problems, another doctor has diagnosed IBS (without undertaking any tests to exclude anything else). I have a weird feeling under my ribs, on both sides, it feels like cartilage, or perhaps gas that I can push to create a 'clicking' feeling. It changes exact position and sides, and doesn't really cause pain. Although I have been having random pinching pains under my ribs (not sure if related but clicking doesn't seem to be there all the time the pain occurs). I've also had lots of burping and some southerly wind!

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We have floating ribs under each side could it not be that? If your slim you can feel them more.

I have the same issue. Which I'm having an ultrasound for today as they are tender to touch. I have wind too which gets worse with diet and anxiety.

I'm very gassy sometimes to the point I think how on earth is there even this much gas inside of me lol.

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Anxiety is definitely not helping with the wind. I forget about it and it goes away. When I think 'oh I haven't burped for a while' it starts again! I hope the ultrasound goes well- I have at least a 4 week wait for my appointment.

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Thank you, I think your right anxiety doesn't help.

I hope you get it sorted I think it's a good idea to get a stool test done. I had one but it was the h pylori test I think it's called but came back negative.

I hope your app comes soon.

Try some meditation it might help.

I have PA and have had the same symptoms as you for months. I’ve had Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans, bloods, gastroscope, colonoscopy the lot. All clear, thankfully. I enlisted the help of an integrative medical practitioner from IBS clinics in London. They ran a series of tests and found I have a gut araditical infection (3 actually) and a fungal infection. I’m on a special diet and antimicrobial pills. Might be worth getting a stool analysis to see what’s going on. Having PA means low or no stomach acid which puts your intestines at til if infection. Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. I went to the Osteopath yesterday who suggested I should try kefir milk, which I am starting today. I have seen my GP today who has refereed me for an ultrasound- its not so much an answer I want, more to know it is nothing serious- I am happy to put it down to IBS or B12 deficiency if other things are excluded. The pain moves, so the Doctor thinks it is muscle/skeleton related rather than an organ. Personally I think it must be stomach related, and is probably gas I am feeling- so a stool analysis is a good call. I think its going to be a case of going back and forth to the Doctor for quite some time.

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Let us know how the Kefir does for you. I suffer from IBS-C..severe and chronic..(large internal hemmorhoids, and weak pelvic floor contribute to the problem). I have a lactose intolerance and can't drink cows milk..or even goats milk as it constipates me further or gives me tummy aches or loose stools. I have tried Fiber from food, supplements, Probiotics..etc..nothing helps. Maybe there is a soy based Kefir..out there? Also I have a vitamin B12 deficiency which I take injections (monthly for) along with 1000mcg of folic thankfully it has worked and I am no longer anemic. I have heard that a deficiency itself of vitamin B12 does not cause IBS or constipation which I have. I have a weak pelvic floor. The problems could come with problems with interactive thyroid or overactive thyroid..have you had a TSH test done to check your thyroid levels? Have you had an anal Mamonetry test done for any problems with pelvic floor dysfunction. What about a SIBO test, or gluten or food intolerance test? Certain meducations, herbs, vitamins can also be a contributing factor..or taking Iron supplements or certain antidepressants Keeping my fingers crossed to see if Kefir can help me..yogurt just made things worse. I hope you feel better soon..I also have sharp pains sometimes under my left rib cage so I try not to anything with citrus in it or acidic..and they found a cyst on my spleen that they are saying can cause pain in that may be a good idea to have your spleen, gallbladder, or pancreas they are all By our ribcage..

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