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Need some advice on IBS


Hello Everyone,

I keep going between constipation and dhiarrea for the past month.

The doctor diagnosed me in 2015 with IBS and I need to know something.

So this but of diarrea brought on a strange burning/nipping feeling in the tip of my private part. UTI and STD negative.

It started when I had really bad dhiarrea and then after 3 weeks cleared up a little, then I had another hour of dhiarrea and the pain etc all came back.

Does anyone know or had this because of IBS?

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Very politely worded post there. Took me a while to figure out what your symptom was exactly. Still not 100% sure but, first thought is it could be unrelated and you should go see a doctor about it. You should see a doctor about it anyway actually. Possible though that your bowel issue is irritating your prostrate? Bad gut spasms or hardened stool could be pushing on the prostrate?

Hi and thanks for the reply. I've been back and fourth to the doctors 9 times and they don't have a clue what's wrong.

I suggested prostitus but they never check and the thing was it was getting better until I had this bout of diarrea and it all came back.

I really didn't want to say I had this burning and stinging at the tip of my penis bit I think it would properly best I did.

They gave me timoden cream and co didromol and said come back in 2 weeks:(

The pain stops me from sleeping as it's constant.

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