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Hi everyone I have IBS problems, my major problem is that every time I go to the loo to open my bowels it is normally followed by strong farts followed leaking bottom,which doesn't soil my under clothes but have to wipe my bottom again,after that it does not happen again until I open my bowels again,I normally have two bowel movements a day unless I get IBS C or IBS D but I do get through a lot of loo rolls a week is there anyone else on this forum who has this problem or am I on my own.


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Hi Colin, I have a similar problem, in that I have trouble getting clean because there is always more wanting to come out. I often think I am clean and then when I wipe again (just in case) I'm not. I usually use baby wipes once I have got rid of most of it with loo roll. Maureen.

Hi Maureen,Yes very much the same,I don't soil my pants it just seems to be around the anus,the bit I can't get to understand is I only get this problem after a bowel movement,if I only have one bowel moment my bottom as if it's normal,my Dr insists it's IBS,just another think,I sent for a RADAR key last week,which opens disability loos on the major roads in the UK,no charge just pay for post.


I don't think this seepage or whatever you call it, is confined to IBS sufferers, I believe people who have no history of IBS get it as well.

I agree that this problem is not just with IBM sufferers . I have no problems in going but sometimes get the "overflow",NHS term. I use some toilet tissue between my cheeks, usually ok to remove after an hour or so .

Hi Cromwell. Do you know if there is any treatment for it.


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