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sick of swollen tummy

been suffering with ibs for years now and altho buscopan heps with the pain i cant seem to find nything to reduce the swelling on my abdomen any one have any tips

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Hey. I just stopped eating. No seriously. I eat next to nothing, I combine FODMAP with Low Residue and some things my intestines can't handle. I pretty much survive on egg yokes, broth, gelatine, chocolate and whipped cream. And body builders' proteins. Trying to get all the amino acids and nutrients a body needs.

The bloating stopped. I can't have too much fluids either.

I flush out a bunch of bacterial colonies by taking epsom salts every Friday. (I take Magnesium Sulphate orally)

Have you found out why you're always swollen and in pain?

A virtual colonoscopy (=CT) showed that my intestines are very bendy. This means that air bubbles (produced by bacteria, even when I don't feed them beans or broccoli or fibre) get stuck. Then the food gets stuck behind that. This means swelling, painful swelling. Every night at 3 o'clock.

Also my motility is not good. Apparently my intestines don't move and I don't pass gas as often as other people. With me this is because motility is governed by Dopamine and by Serotonine. Serotonine makes you go. Dopamine makes you stop. And constipated.

You look like a happy serotonine-dude, lying there in the bath, but that's a picture of a moment. How are you overall?

I'm a thinking person. Always thinking, analyzing. Very dopamine. I'm also a happy person, I should have enough serotonin. But my guts tell a different story.

I now take 5-htp, the precursor of serotonin, and this promotes motility. Passing gas, yay!

So those were the things I wanted to tell you: extreme diet + Splenic Flexure + 5-htp for motility.

Took away my swelling and my pain. God, I'm in a yoga class now! I can almost be mistaken for one of those slender women with their fancy drink bottles and twiggy bodies. That much swelling has gone O.o

PS my diet gives me good food, make no mistake. Egg yoke + cream = custard (and ice cream and eggnog and flan). Homemade chicken broth is so tasty! I make it with just chicken bones, water, salt and lots of chopped up ginger. Cream + chocolate = ganache (and bonbons and pudding).

Because I eat so little I eat fancy foods: broth from organic chicken wings etc. So much flavour!

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Hi, I also take 5 htp which helps. May I ask which brand you take. I also take magnesium citrate and oxide at night before bed.


I take a local brand, VitaKruid. I take 4 pills per day which is 400 mg total.

I take Magnesium citrate too, before sleep. And GABA. And lots of vit C. I take 1500 mg but the body gets used to it so I take it every few days.


I was like you. Looked permanently pregnant!

Once I found out what foods triggered my IBS and eliminated them the bloating has gone!

Should I make a mistake, it can recurr but never as badly and goes more quickly.


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