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Constant Noisy Tummy

My name is Ian and I am a 64 year old male who used to work as a college lecturer. Two years ago I had stomach pain didn't eat much and lost 2 stone in weight. This was over an 8 week period during which I was sent to hospital for all the usual camera checks and x-rays. I was told that all they could see was a Hiatus Hernia, which I was getting treatment for and a slight fatty liver. Almost two years have passed and I have stayed the same weight, I get an upset stomach now and again when I eat certain foods and the odd stomach cramps. What bothers me most is a constant noisy stomach which can be really loud, especially in a quiet room which can be really embarrassing. Over the past 18 months I have tried probiotics, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and now Silicolgel. Does any one else experience the same problem?

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Hi I can identify with that but I only notice it usually in the evening when

things are quiet it causes my husband to think its funny. Unfortunately,

it is quite loud at other times when its not so funny and I can get some

very funny looks. As Im retired its not too much of a problem but if you

are still working I can imagine it quite embarrassing. It is part and parcel of ibs for a lot of people.


Hi Ian, yes me too! I have found it gets worse as the day goes along, I also get bloated. Recently I have cut down on the amount of wheat I eat (not easy) but it is making a difference. Good luck.


Hi Ian. Yes, it's the same for me too. I dread doing anything in a quiet environment as my tummy makes such loud noises which is so embarrassing! It sounds ridiculous but it prevents me from doing lots of things (together with all the other symptoms of IBS.) I try to ignore the funny looks I get, but it's difficult and of course the more I worry about it the worse it seems to become!


I had similar but less severe problems but they went when I stopped eating wheat. I don't know if you know about the FODMAP theory - IBS involves fermentation of certain foods in the gut? I think the fermentation produces gas and hence the noisy tum. It may be that your stomach symptoms are a result of fermentation?

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Yes I do at63 I had same problem as u.had ct scan all the camera checks and bloods nothing.i can hear my tummy runningr

Istillhave odd cramps and sometimes constipation and sometimes diarea. But I also have no gall bladder taken out 12years ago.at the moment stomach pretty okay but I never know when burning abdomen will return


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