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Hi I was diagnosed with Colitis in 1993 but have mostly suffered from bloating and cramps. I was on laxido for years 2 sachets am and pm which made me go every day but had to rush to loo. Was referred to dietician earlier this year and weaned myself off laxido and replaced with 2tbsp of ground linseed with cereal in the morning with oats and yogurt. I started to go fine like clockwork. However, I have since moved to Cyprus and haven’t had overnight oat and yogurt as regularly as I should as their yogurts are so thick over here. I’ve been having cornflakes instead. I’ve always suffered bloating and cramps and constipation far more regularly. Also I seem to suffer especially after eating any white bread or pizza dough. I’m guessing I’ve answered my own question I need to reverts to overnight oats and eat more fruit and veg but any advice welcomed. Thank you

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Hope you feel better soon😊

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