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Posting this once again to try to get the message out:


Hope you guys won't think I'm a pest, but I really would like you people with chronic diarrhea to try these drugs...can't hurt:

I had chronic diarrhea for years and finally found a doctor who prescribed me a drug called "Welchol." Stopped my problem immediately! It's very expensive, though, so he put me on another one called "Colestipol." Did the same thing! I feel free for the first time in YEARS! These drugs are used to lower cholesterol, but they are usually prescribed along with a statin, because they are NOT statins...they are bile acid sequestrants, hence the reduction or total stoppage of diarrhea. They are also used to treat Type II diabetes. I have neither of these and I'm doing fine. Ask your doctor and/or pharmacists about them..please! You will not be disappointed.

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Thanks for posting that with the explanation of why that was effective for you:)

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You're very welcome, AlisonfromSickofIBS! (Love your "handle! HAHA!!)

Fortunately I don't get Diarrhoea but I hope that people do read your post as it's so positive to see that something has worked so well for someone. So glad it's worked for you - brilliant. :)

Hi Sweetsusie ! may i ask if this drug also targets the other ibs symptoms such as the frequency " the multiple times someone needs to have a BM in a day "

and the sensation of incomplete evacuation ??

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