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I swear it's not IBS


Hey everyone, been to see a gastroenterologist, had colonoscopy, been to dietician(FODMAP), taken riflaxamin, tried probiotics and nobody knows what's wrong with me yet.... In fact my dietician doesn't think it's IBS. Wondering if anyone here has any similar experiences....

Essentially every morning, about 5-10 minutes after I wake up I have to make a sudden and urgent rush to the bathroom, this might happen another 3-4 times during the day up until lunch time where it may happen once more but my stomach is always in a similar unsettled mood so it's very hard for me to make any plans or do anything because I can never be sure. Loperamide helps but never stops the morning rush (even If I've taken 8+ the day before) and also messes up my system, causing the next few days to be all over the place.

Sorry to go too graphic but my stool looks nothing like anything on the Bristol stool chart. It can mostly be described as solid but undigested I guess, definitely on the more watery end of the scale. It looks like some of the work to solidify it is taking place and then it's just rushed through.

I have another visit to my Gastroenterologist next month but if anyone has experience or knowledge of any of this id love to hear your opinion.

Thanks so much

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My GP isn't interested in calling what I have IBS either. She is positive I have cancer, and won't be happy until she can confirm it. What does she need to prove it is IBS, and not cancer - blood??? Ooops, she has already had more than enough of that, I think she comes from the land of the vampires! Maybe I don't have the same IBS as everybody else, but I know what I have, I know which foods (+ stress) that cause it. Can I convince the woman? Nope.

I will go again in November for yet more blood tests, unless whatever the last two were flagging up have gone, then I shudder to think what she has planned next. Maybe I ought to book to see one of the other doctors, maybe that nice Doctor Mahmood, or Doctor Woods. ;)

Have you tried the low residue diet? Very boring, but it was what I was on before I had the colonoscopy. I then went onto a low fibre diet, which I am still working on. I keep adding new foods, some of which I have to abandon, cherries/grapes for instance. Sigh, I do soooo lurve cherries. Basically virtually everything with seeds and/or skin is taboo, plus all leafy vegetables and nuts/dried fruit. The only bread I can have is white, all other bread has a very nasty effect. Of course all this goes against the 'latest thinking', but tough, it is my body, not the those who would try and force me into 'their' way of eating what 'they' think I should eat. I keep telling 'em that one size does not fit all, but it is a lot like talking to the legalised vampire of a GP!

Could it be some kind of "bug" you picked up on a recent trip? My daughter had the same thing happen after her honeymoon to Costa Rica. Her tests came back negative though and she's wondering if it could have been due to stress. She still gets it off and on but she has gotten better after about 6 months! I hope you feel better soon and figure out what it is. Another thing she was wondering about was lactose intolerance. Try cutting out dairy for a while then try it again and see what happens. Good luck.

That could be me writing about myself! ..I am getting so down about it all now ..I have had Ibs for most of my.life since a teenager ..Overall I never use to have an problems daily, only when I get stressed. I could have a bad flare up for a week or two, or 1 - 2 months ..The past 3 years I've been through a lot of stress and had a couple of bad flare ups lasting around 3 months, but it always settled down and I can basically eat anything I want ..However, following a lot of stress in early February my stomach started to get really bad ..I thought at first it was my ibs, but was having pains in areas I hadn't had before and my motions changed..I saw my Dr in February - she examined me and said it's my ibs plus slight water infection so to drink lots of water. .I thought I'd see how it went ..It was no better - so I went back in March - had full blood tests done, including CA125..sent off urine and faeces sample ..All come back fine ..I went back a few times in April - same Dr ..told her I was having occasional pain in upper right side and sometimes in actual stomach on the left ..Same reply ..It's ibs ..I then started having pains in the right side of my upper jaw and throat (Have had neck pain on the right for around 6 years)..I told her I'm worried it's something sinister!..She told me my tests were fine and to stop worrying..Things weren't improving at all ..I get nervous each morning as I go the toilet as I never know what's going to be down there ..I have tired to stop worrying about it, but was getting annoyed that I know my own body and I don't think this is just Ibs ..I saw another Dr who tested another urine sample which showed infection, though I had no symptons, ie, burning etc ..I was getting pain in kidney area so was on antibiotics for 3 days..I have not had a "normal" motion since January ..I went back to see my Dr last week ..She has arrange an xray on neck and a scan of Thyroid to see what the problems are in my neck and throat ..I told her I'm sick of stomach issues being fobbed off as Ibs ..I've had no quality of life for 5 months now ...She told me to make a double appt and she will do a thorough examination of my stomach and decide what to do ..Earliest appt is 10th July! ..I've asked to see a Gastroenterologist or colon specialist, who I have been told following an endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy 3 years ago, they would be happy to see me again if needed..Now I have to just wait to see my Dr..I can't make any plans to go out as have to wait and see how I am on the day..I have had a couple of light headed experiences and the whole thing is really getting to me now, hence the stress isn't good for my stomach ..If my Dr had sent me for a scan back in march/ April I could be having things sorted by now ..Sorry this is a long post, but need to share what's going on.. It is good you are seeing a Gastroenterologist ..I really hope you get some good answers ...Let us know how you get on. Good luck.

I have suffered from this for over 40 years, been for so many tests in so many hospitals, from the Royal Berkshire in the South to Hull Royal Infirmary in the North. Seen so many GPs and have tried such a lot of different medications, most of which just cause their own problems. I have had sigmoidoscopes, colonoscopies and endoscopies and also various blood tests and drugs. even scans!!!! Not to mention all the faddy diets, which really screw things up! Result...........no answer. I manage quite well myself now, eating mostly everything, but in small portions. I take probiotics and vitamins and minerals just in case my body is 'missing' something. Walk 2 miles a day if possible and drink mostly water.............I still get flare-ups now and again and feel really ill and nauseous for a couple of weeks or so, then it goes and I'm managing again. It is no way to live, however, its better than the alternative. I don't think the Doctor's or Consultants, for all their good intentions, have a clue and frankly unless my symptoms change drastically (like bleeding or drastic weight loss) I don't see the point of more tubes being shoved in every orifice. So skillbane....you are not alone, we are all out there wondering why our bodies are doing this and suffering over the years. Hang in there and do what you can whilst always keeping an eye out for changes or worrying new symptoms. Lots of luck and good wishes to you.

Have you been tested for dumping syndrome, or leaky gut? Or it may be a food intolerance..gluten insensitivity..


It's good to have the right label on the condition we have. But that's only helpful if your doctor can tell you what to do to feel better.

These are my thoughts on the subject: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...


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