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Are my stomach symptoms the same as yours?

So we all get told they are nothing to worry about and stomach is due to ibs but Is it? Could it not be a more serious issue? I don’t get bloated after eating but I do get a wierd stomach sensation and the feeling like I need to poo a lot. I just wanna feel normal again. Plus, if I do go to the drs, will I just be waiting all day for that blood test call to say something major is up? I’m scared to know the truth.

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Hi Kate,

Scared to know the truth is not a good place to be. You need to hear the truth, whatever that is.

It sounds like IBS, but do go and talk to your doctor about it. It's not a waste of time. You will feel better when you know what you are dealing with.



Go to the doctor. The most likely outcome is that he will reassure you there's nothing major wrong. Also read Prof. Whorwell's book Take Control of your IBS, that puts everything in context, as he discusses other possible diagnoses of stomach complaints.


Go see your doctor and who knows maybe he finds an answer to whatever is ailing u. U won’t know unless u try. The longer u wait the worse it could get. Hope everything works out for u Kate.


Yup. Went through the wringer with the battery of tests. I got checked HEAD TO TOE, inside and out. Colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI's, stool tests, blood tests. I tried the FODMAP diet and a basket, A BASKET, of food at the gocery store cost me $90.00! I really thought it was gonna be something aweful, cancer for example (it definitely wasn't, but that's where our minds go sometimes). 3 years later and I have all of the same symptoms, sometimes worse, sometimes better (relapse for a better word). I was told I have post-infectious ibs. ??? Never been back to the doc for it, I will take my answer and run with it.


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