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Dinner query

Hi all, so only thing I had today that I’ve not had for a long time was a veg stir fry with cooked ham and cooked spaghetti (noodles out of date) and the sauce was a hoisin and plum

I also had a stick of celery again not had for ages

Slight nausea, very noisy gurglings startes after a few hrs lol and just ran to loo and with d

What can have been a trigger there? I despair I’ve been doing diaries for years and have found very few consistent triggers

So the veg was brocoli cabbage onion , I’m thinking the onion? I don’t add onion to things as a rule ,

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I think broccoli, cabbage, onion & celery might all have been the triggers. I am on the FODMAP diet and all 4 are not considered OK, although broccoli & cabbage in small portions might be OK.


Oh heck ok thanks not too bad this morning so far but o my had my hot water and lemon lol I have had a bit of broccoli or cabbage before but maybe not together


Mine seems to be caused by fibre and onions are a no go, out of me in 2 hours!! Could also perhaps be a build up of veg. Sorry it made you rough.


What about the spaghetti, wheat I presume?


No it was gf


I never eat cabbage causes too much wind. FODMAP diet also does not recommend broccoli. So perhaps you had too much gas causing veg.

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Thanks all


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