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Hi - IBS Newbie here



My name is Christian and I am 44 years old. I have been diagnosed with IBS today by my GP after ongoing stomach issues for the past 5-6 months. I have previously had blood tests and a sigmoidoscopy, which both came back clear (thankfully).

I have basically had very low level stomach ache for the last few months, which has become more noticeable in the last week (24 hours a day stomach ache at various levels). I feel (and look bloated) and it seems to get worse after eating. My bowel movements have decreased, although it feels like I need to poo 7-8 times a day! I have so far tried cutting out chocolate, eating less fatty foods and cutting out alcohol completely. I am training for a long sponsored walk, so am currently walking around 6 miles a day.

I have tried Buscopan and Peppermint Oil capsules previously and they seem to make things worse.

Any help/assistance going forward initially would be greatly appreciated. All suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for your time,


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Do you have constipation too.? I was put on Buscopan a few years ago for pain and bloated stomach. It made me worse made my heart beat fast so I stopped it. I was then prescribed mebrevine which stopped the pain and made bowel movements normal. If you are constipated Fybogel may help . I have to be careful what I eat follow the Fodmap diet.

Try the FODMAP elimination diet. If that improves the symptoms, do the challenges (wheat, onions, lactose etc.). That will help you pin down what your particular problem foods are. Chocolate and fat do not contain FODMAPs, though alcohol is certainly a gut irritant.

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