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New here and have question about pain with IBS

Hello all,

I've recently been diagnosed IBS-C after many months of pain and constipation and I was just wondering if anybody else experiences abdominal pain/spasms AFTER a bowel movement? I can go, and then experience what can only be described as a feeling of soreness throughout my gut that can last anything from a few hours to two days.

I know the usual thing you read about IBS is that BMs often relieve the pain in many cases but I wondered if anybody else was like me and finds that it's the other way round. If so, have you found anything that helps?

My theory is that it's the peristalsis continuing even when there's no longer something there to expel but I don't know.

Thanks all! Em

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I've heard that it could be sore spots in your colon. When waste passes by the sore spots, it aggravates them. It could take a little time for the pain to subside. Have you tried peppermint oil?


This is exactly what happens to me. Like you I have often read that pain will improve after a BM but I don`t think this has ever been the case for me. It is the only thing in the long list of symptoms of IBS which I can`t tick the box for!


Hi Em, I have the same condition, without the worsening. There are anti spasmodics your doctor can prescribe, that might help. Take care, Nesie 237


Yes i have exactly the same. Its a relief to open my bowels after days of constipation, but then I know I will have a couple of days of pain. I try and relieve with peppermint and mint tea, but also resort to pain killers when its bad.


Many thanks everyone, really appreciate the advice.

I haven't tried peppermint actually so I will look at getting some of that. Stewart, you're right about the water - I definitely need to drink more. As for antispasmodics, I've tried buscopan without success so perhaps another type would help.

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Hi I too have ibs-c and I know how you feel my doctor gave me Buscopan but doesn't do much but I drink lots of water,i cant understand why we get all these terrible cramps I thought we were supposed to feel better after a bowel movement,perhaps its because its been stuck up there so long,some days I can hardly move and have to go to bed,my anxiety and depression does not help.....I do hope you are getting some relief of late.


Hi em patricia here there all the classic systems of ibs thats what I suffered for over ten yrs spasms pain & soreness around the belly to a touch & after still bowrl move after bowel more still had the spasms but I suffered so much pain & dyria & stomache pains so bad untill I lost so much weight & needed a blood transfusion becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten then they told me I had coeliac disease not ibs but coeliac disease has the same symptoms as ibs so if I was you babe ask for a test to rule it out be safe patricia


Yes Em I get the pain after bowel movement and it can last for hours it's so painful .I usually take paracetamol and use hot water bottle to try and ease the pain


I get pain after bowel movement. I have tried different things nothing seems to help.


It can be IBS or other bowel desies must see your GP to do tests and monitor the food that triggers the pain although some time same food can cause pain other time doesn't there are test done and medications to was the condition I had it for over 20 years and I wish I have dealt with it at early stages before it became too painful but now I learnt to monitor food have good sleep destress as stress can be one of the major cause of it

See GP and don't ignore it

Good luck


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