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Trying Fodmap Diet for the first time,

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Hi I'm 38 year old male and I was diagnosed with IBS about 5 years ago. My IBS symptoms are not extreme and pains are not that bad, I'm into stocks/forex and I get big pains/discomfort( ab pains and pains due to spasms ) when only I'm under during extreme stress. That only happens 1-2 times per year (lasts 2-3 weeks)

What I want to know is ,

1)Usually How long does it take to experience relief with low FODMAP Diet.

2) Is there any other tips to ease the discomfort.

*most of my pains are coming from right lower ab.

*I'm taking a Mebeverine drug (Colonfac) when there's more pain.

Thank you.

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It’s takes about two to six weeks. But it differs from person to person. I started my FODMAP diet about six weeks ago. And I am feeling much better now. You can try probiotics. But if stress causes your IBS then you need to get that under control. Anxiety partial triggers my IBS too. But currently I am doing well on the probiotic. A peppermint capsule and some natural fibre supplement along with the FODMAP diet. Similar to you my symptoms are also not extreme. Keeping a food diary also helps to see if any particular food triggers your symptoms.

In my case, the FODMAP diet worked very quickly. I would say in about 1-2 weeks. I also take a probiotic called VSL 3, which was recommended by my gastro, as well as peppermint tablets. I have found that you have to be very strict, at least initially, with the diet. Check things like ketchup, mayo, etc. Also,, stress does make things worse.

I only really noticed the difference when, after four weeks of FODMAP, I started challenging. Wheat produced a clear return to the old pattern of wind, bloating and discomfort. Lactose was fine and apple OK. But as Laxmik says, everyone's different.

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