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I was told I had IBS about 3 months ago, I haven’t had a good ride, I’m in lots of pain with my stomach and back 80% of the time! After nearly having a breakdown last week I decided enough was enough! I went to the doctors again. I told him about my pain, now they are doing more tests to rule anything else out. I have started the low FODMAP diet. Does anyone on here know of any low FODMAP meals quick and easy to prepare, with working full time it’s hard to find the time to prepare nice meals! I’m determined to stick at this diet. As I can’t deal with the pain any longer. It’s effecting me both physically and mentally!!

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There are FODMAP cookbooks. Check the Monash University web site. This is where the diet was invented. Also search the internet for dodmap cookbooks.


Hi Chloeeb I started on the FODMAP 11 days ago and it's remarkable how much I feel better. I have kept a list of all food eaten and noted each bowel movement. Unfortunately I made a small mistake of excluding almost all bread but all dairy foods at the same time. I've had two IBS episodes caused by mango and wholegrain pepper oh, and one caused by pasta. It's mainly food that I love that has to be excluded i.e. cheese and bread. Every meal I make is the same as before but without cream sauces or butter - there are many non dairy replacements such as PURE spread which is good. So try your ususal meals with adjustments. Sainsburys supermarket had a large range of FREEDOM FROM food and I find the ginger biscuits very nice. I am so much better with my colon being under control, i feel i might be able to start travelling again! Good luck.

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Thanks for you help! I really hope this works as I’m starting to get really down. I can’t plan anything, simple tasks are becoming so hard.


I do fodmap there is a app and there is a cookbook. Whati found is onion garlic,spice, brocoli, cauliflor, gluten and dairy are my culprits, since giving them all up i feel better.

I do soya milk. Free from food but mostly make my own food. No bread not even gluten free. No cheese ... at first it upset me now i dont think about it been doin it year now so it second nature!

I have lost a stone. My nails hair and skin look better but main thing is the pain gone and i ended up in a&e twice!!

I was told that if ur in that much pain it not normal ibs it usually a severe intolerance to something.

That why gastro told me cut gluten and dairy first as it is usually one of them then reintroduce one! I tried both and as soon as reintroduced i was doubled up again so i just decided i was giving up both .

I was also told make sure ur gut healthy so i take a probiotic x2 a day. A digestive enzyme x2 a day and peppermint oil capsules x 2 day and it helps all the wind

And digesting ur food and making good gut bacteria


I know you’ve been told that you have IBS - and you probably have - but that degree of pain, extending to your back, could be due to gallstones as well.

Having had both (IBS and gallstones), I would rate the level of pain from gallstones as in a different league from IBS - has the GP included scans for gallstones in the tests s/he has requested?

I hope things improve for you soon.


Not yet, I’m also having bladder problems and due an operation on my bladder soon. The doctor said that it could all be connected. If nothing comes from the blood tests and op then I will demand a scan! Thanks you for your concern :)

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If the pain is in your lower bowel area, it is probably air trapped in your lower bowel and you need to shift it. I use Buscopan for cramps, and in a matter of 10 minutes it has relieved the pain and I can concentrate on dealing with the cause. I don't know what that diet is, but every day when I get up I have a cup of hot water from the kettle, just water, nothing in it. You will be amazed at how much it helps your tummy and bowels after you have been taking it for a week. Keep taking it, it helps to regulate your bowel movements. Stop drinking fizzy drinks of any kind. I found out recently that they can actually antagonise tummy problems. I wish you well and hope the docs get you fixed up. xxx


Thank you, I find drinking hot tea helps so I will definitely the hot water. I have buscopan prescribed but they don’t seem to do anything, thank you for the advice 😊


Hi Chloeeb,

I'm in a bit of a similar position - I started the low FODMAP diet properly at Christmas after a bad flare up, and have had limited success, but still having bad days.

I'm no expert, but I've learned a lot in a short time.

One thing that has helped me a lot is the FODMAP app by Food Maestro, because it will let you scan barcodes in the supermarket. The app itself has a lot of problems and can be flaky, but it appears to be the only one out there that will scan barcodes directly. It has most Sainsbury, Tesco, Asda and Coop stuff in there, but not all and very little from places like Aldi.

Some of the lessons I've learned:

1. A lot of gluten free stuff is also high FODMAP because of added onion. garlic, or various 'flavourings'. Practically no ready meals count as low FODMAP because of this, even when they appear to be free of Gluten, dairy, egg, etc. A lot of gluten free biscuits are also high FODMAP because they have something else in there.

2. has a limited selection of sauces, etc. that are LOW Fodmap if you want ease of purchase. They aren't particularly cheap though. Passata and mince with suitable herbs probably make as good a bolognese/pasta sauce as you will get without a lot of effort.

3. Almost no 'cereal bars' are any good because of additives - since I'm a self employed electrician that has caused issues with having something I can take to work to snack on during a job. My favourites have quickly become "Sesame Snaps", Ready Salted crisps, and dark chocolate with mint or orange (but only certain ones - Green&Blacks are OK, as are Coop own brand)

4. I started with lots of Baked potatoes and cheese (cheddar is low FODMAP). I've since progressed and made some lamb meatballs myself last night with mince, egg and gluten free breadcrumbs, which turned out quite well - and I'm no cook!

5. When I do eat out, bacon and eggs seem a safe option for me, as does Ham Egg and Chips. (Takeaway chips seem OK for me too, though I guess it may depend what they cook them in)

It's definitely not easy - and I'm hoping to be referred to a dietician to get a bit more structured help, but between the Food Maestro App and the Monash University App I've gradually been building up a stock of suitable snacks and staples that I can rely on.

There are some youtube channels that I've been watching which have limited Fodmap recipes "becky excell" is a good UK one I've found. - she also has a website at . also has a lot of useful information on without needing to sign up.

Good Luck



Hi gavin, thanks so much for the advice. It’s early days since I’ve been on this diet but I’m already noticing improvements!! Touch wood!! The hard thing for me is making sure I don’t lose any more weight as i have already lost nearly 2 stone!! So all this advice will really help. Thanks again and good luck to you too, Chloe.


Potatoes (you can cut boiling time to 10 min. by slicing them), gluten-free pasta, polenta. Meat, fish (no batter, or use gluten-free breadcrumbs), cheese. Green beans, aubergine, tomatoes (not paste), courgettes to name but a few. Gravy is a problem because of the onion and garlic, but you can make e.g. parsley or cheese sauce with lactose-free milk and cornflour. When you have time you can make your own stock for gravy.

Susan Shepherd's Low FODMAP Diet Cookbook can provide inspiration, but it's low-FODMAP, not no-FODMAP (she uses soy flour, for instance - I imagine that could be omitted or replaced). If you want a strict elimination diet I would recommend Patsy Catsos' IBS Free at Last: it includes meal suggestions (but no recipes).


Hi I have suffered IBS for 18 years and have tried many diets and supplements etc. I tried the fodmap and was guided by a nutrionist I am 5ft 9 inches and weighed at the start of the diet 9st 8 oz. after 2 months on the diet I had gone down to 8 1/2 stone but still kept on the diet but after another months I was down to 7 1/2 stone and the nutrionist said that I must come off it. I am no trying to put the weight back on but it is an uphill struggle. I have spoked to other people on the fodmap diet and they have lost weight and I am sure that it is ok if you want to lose weight but as you came see in my case I did not really want to lose weight. So keep an eye on your weight.


This is what I’m struggling with, I’m currently 8.5 stone, gone down from over 10 stone, my appetite has detiorated quickly because of ibs. I’m trying to have lots of carbs to keep the weight on


Hi just a note about ibs It has been my experience that each person responds to different foods differently. Similar to how one person is allergic to roses and someone else has a negative response to grass ect. Keeping a list of foods that seem to bother You is Best. And sometimes it’s just AnyThing being in the digestive system that causes pain. It’s a crazy disorder. It’s like our bodies are rejecting certain foods no matter what. So regardless of a certain preplanned diet You will figure out what is best for you. Hang in there. Better days are coming:) hope the FODMAP works. Oh and acid in cokes and coffee seem to make it worse for some people. Have a blessed day.


Oh and it can be added ingredients to the foods that cause most of the problems, so read labels. One of my biggest enemies is Sorbitol.. ugg I swell out in just five minutes from consuming food with that ingredient in it.


Oh and check out “ How To Treat IBS Naturally “ on YouTube


Hi look up the goods you can and can’t have and go from there. You can also buy low fodmac diet books


I think you should be careful what medicines you take

Diet doesn't hurt anyone

What did your GP say about the pain in your back? Is this skeletal pain or your kidneys? Could be a kidney stone? Ask for a scan if pain in really bad and don't let them fob you off. You have to be firm with getting sent to hospital these days. But it's survival of the fittest now.


I found asafoetida was/is a godsend. Usually chopping onions and garlic was the first thing I did before I'd even decided on what meal I was cooking! I've not bought onions or garlic since doing the fodmap diet last August/Sept as this imparts a flavour similar to both. In Thailand and India it's as well known for being a digestive aid as it is a savoury flavouring, so a double whammy! I lost half a stone on fodmap and it totally re-set whatever it was in my system that wasn't working properly. I reintroduced all foods eventually and have found only a few things that trigger a tummy upset - raw onions (though I'm fine with very well cooked onions), large quantities of orange juice and some citrus fruit. Normal bread still makes me bloated but I'm fine with well-done toast so clearly the wheat itself is not the problem. There's a wealth of different websites and resources - I used many that others have already listed. It was the best thing I ever did to fix myself...but unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone. Good luck!


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