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I’ve not been in here a while having been through a few tests last year and found the main culprit for the daily runs was my heartburn meds.

Since I stopped taking lanzaprisol I’d say I’m 90% better with my ibs and only get it if super stressed out or eaten something that doesn’t agree with me.

However the heartburn has now taken over where the ibs has settled.

I’m currently taking just ranatidine 300mg a day but it’s not enough. I was told to take before bed but found by lunch time the heartburn was back. So been juggling the tablet by breaking in half but to no avail.

I’m supposed to use gavisgon but find that can led to having an upset stomach so am avoiding it if I can.

I’ve made an appointment to see a GP but wonder does anyone else take a high dose of ranatidine? It does work for me within 30 to 40 mins and I don’t really want to try another type of pill for fear of getting the runs daily again.

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Hi Jane2510,

I could almost have written your post!

I too have a heartburn prob caused by acid reflux and have had bowel issues with omeprazole (another PPI like lansaprazole). I was given ranitidine (300mg daily) as an alternative which worked for a while and then didn't. My GP then suggested a mix of both omep and ranitidine which really upset my bowel and I had to stop. I also find that Gaviscon gives me more problems than it solves.

After much fiddling around, I've found that if I only take omeprazole for around 2 - 3 weeks at a time, when I have a heartburn flare-up, rather than on a daily basis, it doesn't affect me so badly. I think it builds up in your system over time. I'm taking 20mg daily at the moment, first thing in the morning, plus a teaspoon of good old-fashioned milk of magnesia at night. I've been on that regime for a fortnight now and, as my digestion is behaving again, I intend to drop the omep after tonight.

The worst foods for me to eat are those high in acid and, if I feel a heartburn attack is about to strike, I avoid eating anything which has a ph below 4.6 - you can find that info easily on the web. Tomatoes are a particular killer for me.

I hope this helps.


Jane2510 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the info.

I tried another pill in the family so to speak to see if that would work but 2 days in the runs started again!! So I’m avoiding them altogether now.

Forgot about good old milk of mag!!!

I did find 2 Tums used to help but I guess got used to them too.

I’m up again at 2am with it raging away and feel if I could take a 300mg with a top up of a 150mg it might carry me through 24hrs.

I will see what the doc says.

And yes tinned tomatoes are a real cause - that or tomato based sauces! I don’t eat out much but had fish and chips last week and by the time I got home I was throwing up acid as I rarely eat fried food.


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