I have suffered with IBS since my early twenties, I am now 64. Over the past three weeks I have been getting acid reflux for which I am taking Gaviscon which really helps. I am concerned that the heartburn may be related to something different. I do suffer from anxiety and do get very wound up hence the tummy aches etc associated with IBS. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • Hi Holly 2006 I have the same problem with acid reflux and the only thing that works for me is Gaviscon as well . I thought many years ago that I had IBS but my doc at the time said no . Finally my present doctor did diagnose me with IBS and put me on Constella and metamucil daily. I still am bloated daily with moderate pain . Still working through the FODMAP diet plan , but I do feel much better when it is followed properly

  • I get occasional heartburn, but I haven't associated it with my IBS. Foods that trigger heartburn don't seem to trigger my guts.

  • I'm 59 and i was diagnosed with a small hiatus hernia about two years ago. I take prescription PPIs. They took a while to get the dose right. You can buy Nexium (UK). The only time my heartburn comes back is if I'm worried, do some heavy lifting or eat very fatty food and alcohol. Try not to stress - easier said than done, I know!

  • Ditto...as in been suffering but from my forties and am now 62. Started taking Omeprazole for the acid reflux, one had no effect, two knocked it on the head. However, if you found this helped your doctor will probably still want to check you out at some point. This year I had a gastroscopy and it revealed a hiatus hernia which is very, very common. The treatment is Omeprazole. I can now generally keep both IBS symptoms and gastric symptoms under control. Avoid onions and garlic definitely and also red wine has proved to be a trigger though thankfully I can still drink white! Cheers! Merry Christmas x

  • Heartburn and acid reflux is pretty common among IBS Sufferers on here .I used to be a martyr to it until I started to eat a lot of raspberries as a fruit I could eat on Fodmaps . Discovered through reading an article that Rasberries can help to suppress Acid reflux and heart burn .Works for me so check it out might be ok for you .cheers

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