So I've apparently been suffering with IBS for about 4 years now since I was 15 and in the last year it has got progressively worse.

I finally got to see a dietician today and have been put on a FODMAPS diet which starts tomorrow and I have to strictly follow it for 8 weeks and then foods will be introduced to see what I can tolerate and what bothers me

I'm really hoping this will work and shall definitely be strict in this as I'll do anything to reduce my bloating, cramping and problem with bowel movements :)

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  • Good luck Kat. The diet gets boring pretty fast but persevere, it's really worth it to see if it helps and it's only a short time you're on it. I'd keep a food diary throughout to help you track symptoms - it could help if you have some non-FODMAP triggers. And post here if you need meal ideas.

  • Thank you very much and yeah I'll try keep up with a food diet

    Thanks again :)

  • Yes do keep with it as it helps so many of us on this site. Are you doing gluten and dairy free as well?

  • When the dietician was showing me I have to have all gluten free and lactose free but am still allowed certain cheeses like cheddar as he said they're low in lactose :)

  • Yes generally hard cheeses are very low in lactose as us butter because I'm the process of both the lactose is in the whey of milk not the curds which is what makes butter and cheese

  • Good luck, Kat. Hope it works for you. It can sometimes take a few weeks to see the benefits, though, so don't be disheartened if things don't improve straight away.

    For Christmas I was given The Low FODMAP Diet Cookbook by Dr Sue Shepherd and it has been absolutely great for dinner ideas. And (if you'll forgive the shameless plug) you may want to look at a blog I wrote about starting the low FODMAP diet for some tips and advice: as well.

  • Thank you and oh okay I shall look into investing in a cook book and shall take a look at your blog when I can

    Thanks :)

  • Hi

    Did you find it easy to get a referral ? I have asked my Gp three times now with no success

    Good luck hope it works for you

  • Id been maybe 4 times and had lots of tests and discussions and happened to get a doctor that thought seeing a dietitian would help and then I got to see him 3 weeks later :)

  • If you can't get to a dietician it is easy to use Fodmaps if you get the Monash University App. They are the organisation who found out about Fofmaps and are continually testing products. Sue Shepherd who produced the cookbook was one of the Doctors in the research team. The app costs only about £7 and has a guide. Using traffic light system. You start by using only those shown in green then add back after 8 weeks or so different groups of foods one at a time to try to find which ones affect you. I found that initially the app is fantastic as you can carry it with you and it can guide you when eating out, shopping etc. The book is better once you have got used to the restrictions of the diet and already worked out done of your triggers.

  • Hi,

    You sound very determined about doing this, so good for you! It really does help sort out your trigger foods. I agree with runswithdogs in that keeping a meticulous food diary alongside can be helpful as you may find some foods which are low in FODs will still kick off a problem for you.

    This diet was created by Monash Uni in Australia and if you go here:

    you can download a brilliant app to help when you're shopping and eating out. The guide on it lists all the foods that have been tested in alphabetical order and then gives each one a red, amber or green symbol which tells you whether you're okay to go with it.

    Wish you well with this.


  • Hi Rosie

    Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely do this so I can work out if any other foods effect me :)

  • Is this diet for IBS-D sufferers only or is it of value to those of us who get plugged up for a week?(IBS-C)

  • I'm not sure, he didn't specify it was just that I mentioned certain foods that bothered me and said I sounded as though I had intolerance to some of the FODMAPs groups so was put on a whole FODMAPs diet to rule them out

  • It also works for IBS-C. In addition take a tablespoon of linseeds twice a day with a glass of water - really helps with C.

  • I have Ibs c. The fodmap diet works well for bloating and cramps and is excellent, but does not help the constipation. I take linseeds daily and eat a lot of mainly vegetables and have green smoothies. But that alone does not help constipation. I take magnesium citrate every day to get things going

  • I'll take a look for linseed oil, I suppose in a health shop. How much magnesium citrate do you take. I have it in 200mg pills but don't know how much.

  • I take about 400 to 600mg.

  • Low fodmaps really helped me, I am also lactose intollerent and found some great cake recipes on line, I can tolerate butter.

    keep a food and bm diary too, then you can track your changes, really helpful. I am at the adding things back in stage, exciting and scary, more exciting as the diet does get boring!!!

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