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Anyone else?

Does anyone else think thinking constantly that you have cancer or something sinister isn’t helping our symptoms? I don’t have a minute in the day when it’s not on my mind and worrying about when I’m going to finally get diagnosed etc. Im sorry if I annoy people with my posts but when I get thinking time I over think and that’s what I’m doing now. Has anyone had the ibschek blood test?

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No, haven’t had an ibs blood test that I know of. I I was checked out thirty years ago. Nothing sinister. I decided that it’s just me and I tend to ignore my IBS as much as possible. I find constipation very hard to live with. I saw my GP last year because I thought it would be terrible to be thinking this is just my IBS and it isn’t but it wasn’t so I don’t bother with it, I just figure that’s just how my body works.

I don’t think thinking about it constantly does IBS any good. Although it is probably hard not to worry if you are the sort of person who worries. Once you’ve had a diagnosis and it’s nothing sinister then hopefully you’ll be able to stop worrying so much and that will help.


Hi there,

I imagine you have already tried a load of different remedies, but just in case...https://sickofibs.com/diet/constipation-and-magnesium/

This less conventional article could be worth a read too: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



Stop reading the net and go and have some bowel and stomach tests to know what you are dealing with. If you don’t you anxiety will get worse and your gastric will too. Dr can help you with anxiety which sometimes is the cause.


I had the ibschek blood test, came back 97 percent positive for IBS. It has given me piece of mind, I have been able to relax and symptoms have gotten much better. Anxiety can cause your body so much havoc! I have severe anxiety and panic attacks, going thru menopause and IBS but life is good and I deal with it and ZERO medications!!!


Thanks everyone for your replies. I feel ok one day and the next maybe not. Surely if it was sinister I wouldn’t have good days?


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