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Moist anus?


I can hardly think it would be an IBS-related topic, but here goes my concern:

It's been a while since I've noticed my anus is moist at times because of a slightly viscous/gooey liquid, with no colour (transparent).

It could be mucous (as the liquid from a runny nose or - I hope it's not a strange comparison - the liquid from a moist vagina).

There isn't an actual discharge, there are no marks left on the underwear (as it is of no colour).

I wouldn't say I have an irritable bowel or any other digestive problems.

I had an irritable bowel years ago because of considerable stress, but it is not currently the case.

Any ideas about what would be the cause?

Thank you!

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Perhaps you have piles which have a slight infection. I would ask your GP /clinic to examine you.


it’s called “ leaky gut” usually comes with food intolerances. I used to have it a lot until I cut out my intolerances


Was it a clean, transparent leak (more like a subtle drip) or more of a leak which would have left traces on underwear?

Also, I feel I can eat anything and enjoy the food.

Spicy/salty, wholegrain/white, eggs, dairy, beans, cabbage - I don't feel any side effects or uncomfortable sensations in my body ...


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