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A bad morning ☹️

As the title says really. My ibs was getting better recently but feel like I'm at square one this morning.

Bad D and the nausea, which I find the most difficult of my symptoms, is back. Got some family worries which could explain why but not sure that helps me feel better.

I just wish I didn't get 'ill' all the time. I only developed ibs 3 years ago and I wish I could go back to how I felt before ☹️

Feeling very sorry for myself.

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Understand how you feel-you have a good grumble -one thing can't you get anything from your GP for the nausea? -has every other condition been excluded so your GP has concluded its IBS?


I have some cyclizine for the nausea which sometimes helps. I've had all the standard stuff done to rule out. Getting another referral cos it's all still a problem. Had a bad 6 weeks before xmas then things settled down for a bit but now just feels like the beginning of another long flare up. Just want to be healthy like I was before. It's a constant struggle that I'm exhausted by. No idea how people manage who've had these issues longer.


So very sorry to hear you are feeling ill. Been there and live with it daily. Definitely stress is an indicator and in most cases is the culprit. My body responds all on its own when stressed, ill, anxious or out of sorts in any way! It’s not as if I can control it or I wouldn’t be writing this. So, I can sure relate and can only say that you must, must, must relax, breathe and exhale. You cannot let everyone’s problems be yours, drink lots of water, and retrain your brain! Positive thoughts are the only thoughts, the minute you feel yourself thinking negatively you have to stop, tell yourself you won’t allow it and smile. Smiling reinforces positive thought, try it! Best to you


Thanks for that! It's good advice, I chocked up with emotion at it 😆in a good way though 😉thank you!!



I understand how u feel after a bad reaction to antibiotics messed my stomach up i have had ibs since , i cant tolerate spice, yeast, gluten and cowsmilk??? Why i dont know...

I can suggest a good probiotic in pill form every day, also a digestive enzyme. I also take peppermint oil cap and ginger, seems to settle the sickness i get ALOT!!!

Stress or being upset will start mine off even bein bit tired or under weather will to!

Hang in there and try some remedies... a good healthy gut is stronger so will withstand more stress!!!


Hi Pajohns

Sorry to hear you’re feeling so rough with this wretched IBS.

I’m in the same boat - have had a few good years - now a dreadful bout. Bad bloating & abdo discomfort. Feeling nauseas is the pits!! I don’t get that fortunately but it must be wretched for you. I do think family worries & anxiety play a large part in stomach issues.

Maybe just meeting up with an understanding friend over a coffee would calm your mind.

Being listened to & given help & sympathy is a step forward. Well hope you begin to feel better.

Regards Frankie1955

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