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Hi Everyone

I think I'm after a bit of sympathy and reassurance really but here goes. History of bloating & candida since 2005 but the last 5 years huge improvement and wearing jeans for the first time in years.

Last July I had the first of a twice a year jab for Osteoporosis- only serious side effects were mentioned & within 10 days I was bloated like never before and had chronic constipation. Fast tracked to Gynaecologist & ultra sound - all ok. Blood test ok. Loads of folk on Internet have had awful side effects- won't be having another jab

Over Christmas I was encouraged as the jab was wearing off & I felt loads better

Then 3 weeks ago I had dreadful acid reflux & the bloating is just worse than ever - my tummy actually feels sore like someone had kicked me

GP just said take 40mg of Omeprozele and sent me home!!

For the first time ever I'm actually scared to eat even though I'm hungry - because the bloating is so painful. Last night I felt I could have just taken myself to A&E & screamed for a CT scan & somebody to find out what's wrong

Enough from me Anyone share these symptoms

Sympathy gratefully received Thanks


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The best thing is to see a gastroenterologist.


FrankI even if livery with this on a daily basis.it horrendous! If you got bowel problems you.like get acider & gastric problems. They go hand in hand I.m afraid!! Still waiting for a solution after 2 years!😢😢


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