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Cancelled CT colonoscopy - failed prep

I was booked for a CT colonoscopy on Monday (CT version chosen because bad past experiences with camera-led procedures make me fearful of the usual version) but had to cancel on the morning because I simply couldn't cope with the prep.

I managed only half the first dose of oral contrast and a swallow of the bowel prep; they both made me choke and retch and as an emetophobe with swallowing issues, there was no way it was happening. I did try, but no success. It got to the stage where I couldn't even go in the kitchen because that's where it was and I could smell it.

With prep day being a Sunday there was no hospital contact available for advice. Having spoken to them on the day I've been told to attend what should have been my follow-up appointment and discuss my problems with the consultant.

Has anybody any experience of other prep methods? I just can't get the stuff down and will give up if it's the only method available.

I've had IBS for years - 25, maybe 30 - with classic symptoms GP diagnosed on those and family history, but it has been worsening over the last couple of years following a gut infection. I also have MS and this could also be affecting things. I have no weight loss, no bleeding.

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I had a colonoscopy last year. The prep was the worst part. I really struggled with the smell and taste, sweetener makes my teeth sing! I added orange squash to it, drunk it as pints and had a swig of lemonade after each gulp. However doing again the morning after nearly broke me. I got through it just but don’t think I could do again. Don’t know of any alternatives sorry but maybe if you have to do again, my way might make it easier for u? Good luck hope there is an alternative


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