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I’m new here

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I’m new here and at the moment being tested for IBS, coeliac etc. I had a really bad bout of stomach pains, diarrhoea and slight sickness (acid like) yesterday. It was so bad that I took to my bed!! I am also having pains in my upper thigh, so much so I can’t carry heavy things upstairs...I live in a flat and it makes life difficult. I’m glad I found this site and hopefully when diagnosed will get some great advice. X

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Hello there, I hope your tests give light to your condition soon. It can be frustrating if they keep coming back with not much result, and the doctor tells you you're perfectly healthy even though you do not feel it. But if this happens for you like so many of us here, the great news is that there is so much to try out, and you will find what works for you. If it turns out you have IBS, it is usually a combination of things to help keep symptoms at bay, so don't be discouraged if you hear about one thing that works great for someone but doesn't work for you. You're definitely gonna learn how to handle this.

Please check out pernicious anemia here on health unlocked. It may be you are very low in vitamin B12?

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Paulaj66 in reply to jointpain

Yes I have a very low B12 on injections xx

When i first had IBS i used to have violent cramps and felt sick and took to my bed until it passed. Five years on i manage the pain better and take Buscopan and Imodium. There is no test for IBS, its a matter of eliminating everything else. Good luck.

Hi Paula

I feel for you. I've just been diagnosed with diverticular disease and suspected IBS.

Terrible stomach cramps and diarrhorea.

Unsure what to eat or take to make things better. Don't want to go out.

I've been told to eat more fibre and take fybrogel daily. .more fluids

What have you been advised

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Paulaj66 in reply to Cavvie

Not been given any advice just yet! Just keeping my own food diary at the moment as still undergoing tests.. x

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Cavvie in reply to Paulaj66

Hi Paula

I'm waiting on an appointment to see a dietician.

I've been told everyone is different , so what works for one might not for another.

Im eating bran flakes for breakfast, a sandwich or soup at lunch ( wholemeal bread ) and trying to have veg with my dinner. Treating the diverticular disease first, as may not be IBS.

Mainly drinking water or fresh fruit juice.

Got Drs appointment today to discuss best way forward to be able to get back to work.

I have 4 or 5 bowel movements in a day.

Have downloaded an app onto my phone to track symptoms, meds, food intake etc

If you have an iPhone look up Bowelle in the app store. It's free.

If you have an android phone download my foid symptoms diary ( life) it's also free.

Great way to track triggers. X

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Cavvie in reply to Cavvie

Sorry should say

My food symptoms diary Lite ) free

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Paulaj66 in reply to Cavvie

Thanks I’ll down load that one and give it a try..thanks for the info xx

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Paulaj66 in reply to Cavvie

Hi Cavvie

I just downloaded Bowelle, pretty easy to use, obviously I’ve got to input more data but I’ll give it a go. Thanks xx

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Cavvie in reply to Paulaj66

Yes i was the same with the Android version. Once you start to use it you can track your food intake and symptoms, times , sleep patterns, meds etc

Really useful if you are going to see the Dr, dietician or specialist

Good luck

Hi Paula

Have you been tested for GORD ( acid reflux)

I'm on ranitide twice a day and peptac peppermint liquid to help reduce the acid.

OMEPRAZOLE and lazomprazole didn't agree with me, irritated the bowel and made diarrhorea worse.

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