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Kimijea 3 week update

Hi Everyone,

Just a short update after 3rd week on Kimijea.

Basically the product still working well. One minor IBS type attack during the last week .but nothing much. Just one urgent loo visit after a steak pie. I think I over ate a bit and it was a heavy meal . Sometimes gravy can be a trigger for me.

Generally I think that I get a little more flatulence after main meal but BM.s much better , fewer and not so loose. If something is a known trigger, say onions , alcohol or coffee etc., I think you could probably still get attacks..

Still positive that product worth trying and has helped me.

Will continue to advise on going results.


2 Replies

Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to help. Thats half way ..... well done for keeping us updated.


Thanks for reply. I wonder if anyone else who was interested following previous emails decided to try the product and if so what is their experience with it.



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