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I was wondering if anyone here has a success story to share? At the moment my flare ups are anywhere between 18 and 60 days apart. My anxiety is quite bad and I'm finding it difficult to cope with it. One thing that kept me going before was that maybe things would get much better, that my flare ups may reduce to a few times a year.

My anxiety is being nasty and telling me it's just going to get worse. It sure is a possibility, but I want to think of a more positive side.

When I think negatively, my anxiety gets worse. When I think positively, I feel lighter and more capable of doing things. Trouble is, I feel like I only have the evidence to be negative, and none to be positive. So if there's anyone here who use to get regular flare ups but now only has them few and far between, please let me know so I can rub it in my anxiety's face :)

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  • Hi I simply don't eat if I'm really anxious which no isn't good but yes I agree it can start the IBS off. I'm not so bothered as it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be so I'm happy enough with it. I just don't eat if I'm anxious as I can't really. Then when it passes I eat normally again. It's just my IBS does that. I think anxiety well it's hard to avoid totally. But I guess be yourself and do what you love as much as possible helps. That's advice I was given yesterday funny enough and it's slowly sinking in now! 😊❤️

  • Thank you, it's true that being yourself and doing what you love does help. I've plucked up the courage to start drawing again, especially with the help of my lovely patient boyfriend, and I haven't felt so fulfilled for years. I love art and it's a massive part of myself. When I do things that make me feel like me, it makes the IBS just feel like one part of my whole being, rather than being some driving force that controls everything I do. I hope you keep feeling better :)

  • Your welcome love. I'm glad you got back into your art again and it's helping you! That's always great to hear as a creative person myself. I sing and am into fashion and tattoo design too. And I also am writing when I can too and charity work. Yes doing what you love is the best advice anybody can give you. Good luck with your IBS and yes thank you hopefully the art will help both of us.😊Take care.

  • Im completely symptom free and have been for years🐸

  • How many years did you have ibs? How did u get cured?

  • That's amazing, I'm so happy for you :D I imagine you've shared lots of tips in the past so I won't ask you to repeat them, I'll have a look through your past posts/replies.

  • Hi hope & lumidna, So 1st time at 16 😔 , 30 plus symptoms daily i had ibs d but sometimes it changed to constipation. Had it until i randomly walked into a shop as i see an advert saying is food intolerances causing your ibs. So i had a test, results were given there and then. Appox 7 intolerances which i cut out overnight.

    Within 48 hours i was symptom free. I still think about the guy who did my test, he changed my life☘Without me realising, he also changed the way i was to view ibs going forward in my life. I was apppox 22 at time of test.

    So after 6 years of being symptom free, so appox 28 i got told i had ibs again🤔 as i had 40 plus symptoms for 3 months, very long story short, after a year i was still being told servere ibs, see dietition etc. Made me worse to the point i had to go private as i was seriously ill. I don't know why after what the tester had said at 22 about ibs, i didn't go for intolerance test sooner.

    So i did, had over 15 intolerances, then went to see a nutitionist had tests. Was given diet, and supplements my body was deficient in. Took a year to be 100% symptom free(so meaning i could eat anything etc without symptoms) iv been symptom free for years.

    I see 2 practitioners at least yearly so i know what my body needs and doesn't need.

    Finding a qualified practitioner is best. What cures someone else is highly unlikely to also cure you.

    We all will have our own root causes and need our own healing plan😊

    If you wanna talk about anything just pm

  • Where did you go for your intolerance test? How much did it cost? I'd like to do the same.

  • Il send you link to the one i had.

  • Hi there, have a look at Alison Simpson's posts/replies as she has cured herself with diet. Her blogs are:

    I hope this helps.


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