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I have had ibs for 4 years, last night I started to have tummy pain I thought it was trapped wind, it was in my left side under my last rib and moving to the middle above my belly button. I slept fine but when I got up in the morning my tummy was very grumbly with loose stools that have mucus in, I’ve had This all day with a banging headache. Today was my last day in my job that I love and have been doing for 8 years only leaving as hours had been cut to less than half. I start a new job on Monday! I’m hoping this is just a flare up of ibs, but can’t believe how uncomfortable and noisy my tummy is.

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Do you feel stressed because of the job move? I do find my tummy is so much worse during stressful times. If it’s any help try gut related hypnotherapy on YouTube, there are a couple and I do find them very helpful when I am stressed. Good luck with the new job.


It sounds to me like your job situation has caused you to be stressed hence you suffering.


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