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I wish I could lose my MARBLES!

Hi, i am a first timer!

Have had seemingly stress related IBS for 17 years but since having had a cold three weeks ago have been quite poorly i.e. severe constipation only passing few of the dreaded marbles in weeks. it's like I have to strain to get wee out past them and if I talk for just a few minutes I feel really nauseous, it's this Sicky feeling that makes me feel awful can't even go out. Does anyone out there get this nausea? I've never felt this bad with IBS before and I'm now coming up to three weeks without relief. I don't feel like eating a meal but make myself eat something. Must admit to feeling concerned, so would love to hear from anyone suffering the same. Thanks.

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Hi there

Sorry you are feeling so poorly with IBS, I can put up with just about anything with IBS apart from the nausea. I get it occasionally but not very often but when I do I take a Stugeron travel sick tablet and that works for me. I know a lot of people also take ginger as that is lovely and gentle on the tummy.

As you have been feeling so poorly for 3 weeks now I would go to the doctor to get it checked out and also you say you 'seemingly' have stress related IBS, have you ever had any kind of test? If you haven't had any tests then the doctor definitely needs to book some tests for you.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.



Hi Alicia

Thank you for your reply and kind words. I do take tablets for the nausea and they do work. Am hoping to get Doctors appointment tomorrow as this 'episode' if it is my IBS has gone on too long now and I need to get back to normal without pain and nausea when I talk.



Hi there BB

Here's to wishing you well and for the doctor to be able to help you; I agree that this has gone on for long enough now and time to get it sorted. You haven't said whether you have had any tests for IBS and if not, then this is what the doctor should do for you.

I'm glad the tablets work for the nausea but it's debilitating feeling sick all of the time.

Take care



Thank you, Alicia.


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