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Has anybody’s gastroenterologist prescribed them Buspirone? This is what he prescribed to me after my colonoscopy and endoscopy came back clear. It’s an Anti-Anxiety medicine but it’s supposed to help with stomach cramps and stuff like that too, I guess. I’ve only been taking it for three nights and I do not like it, at all. I take it at 10 pm, and im usually asleep by 10:15 (it makes me very sleepy) and then around 2-3 am I wake up and don’t go back to sleep until around 7 which is when I need to be waking up. It’s very stressful and since it’s only my third time taking it I haven’t seen any progress with my stomach.

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PLEASE ask for a test for Dysbiosis. In the meantime for some relief take all carbs out of your diet.


I was on buspirone for several weeks and the side effects got worse for me I felt more depressed ,trembling unable to write my name properly and total lack of confidence and crying a lot normally I am a happy person and it just changed my personality I am off it now and feeling a lot better hope you feel a lot better soon Chrissy x


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