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Have had IBS for more years than I can remember, take Audmonal , but have been doing Slimmers world diet , have lost 2 stone but flatulence is a big problem , I eat a lot of fruit and vegs, I know that's the problem but how do I lose weight and not eat fruit and veg?? still getting constipation and take movicol for that, Audmonal keeps the cramps away and I ,touch wood, don't have diahrea any more, but what can I do about the flatulence??

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Hi there

Wheat can be a problem but I also used to eat a lot of fruit and veg and cannot anymore but what I do is up the amount of the veg I can eat i.e. cooked carrots. The only way to find out is follow an elimination diet i.e. if you think you have a problem with broccoli, which is fairly common, cut it out for a few weeks and then reintroduce etc.

Very best of luck.

Have you looked at the low FODMAP diet? This helps you identify which fruits and veg to avoid but there are lots you can still have. I find raw veg a problem but cooked is fine - also avoid skins on some as it's harder to break down. I find taking digestive enzymes (holland and Barrett) useful in avoiding gas also peppermint tea or oil. X

just like you I have lost two stone with slimming world this year and have also been suffering with really bad flatulence. I was eating loads and loads of salads and have found that by cutting out radish and peeling and deseeding cucumber I am greatly improved. Hope this helps

Peppermint oil capsules and probiotics about 30 min before u eat they work wanders for wind ... plus try to lay of wheat and yeast there awful for wind

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