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IBS Meds?

I'm going into hospital on the 2nd to have a sigmoidoscopy, which should be lots of fun :/ lol I'm hoping it just confirms IBS C and is nothing more serious than that. I was once diagnosed with IBS without any examination by a locum GP and put on Mebeverine, which is supposedly to stop spasms, I felt they did nothing so I stopped taking them. I was wondering what meds others are on. I feel like I shouldn't be on meds that stop spasms, it's things not moving that's my main problem I think. What are alternatives that I could maybe mention to the doc if he tries to put me on mebeverine again?

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Hi MJRD36.

I was wondering if you've tried a low FODMAP diet? This can be transformative. It takes considerable time and patience, and involves (initially) excluding foods that are known to make IBS worse, preferably with the support of a dietician. I'm in the middle of doing this now, and I already have something like a 50% improvement! Hard work though.

Best wishes


I've looked at it, but haven't actually tried it. I hope that once I get this sigmoidoscopy I will get a definitive diagnosis of ibs, and then hopefully I will get help from the dietician at my GP surgery. My worry about the fodmap diet is it looks to be quite expensive, and i'm unemployed at the moment. It also looks like I might have to learn to cook things that are trickier than Macaroni Cheese! :/ lol

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A sigmoidoscopy cannot diagnose IBS. As you say it can confirm that other more serious things are not causing your symptoms. Mebeverine didn't work for me either. Spasmonyl did. Good luck.


I have started the FODMAP diet 2 weeks ago. I saw a dietitian. 20 years of suffering with constipation, bloat and recently was told I had UC. The improvement has been amazing. I am regular for the first time in years and the bloat has almost disappeared. I have more energy too. I might not have UC after all. It can’t be a blip. I am going to make my own sourdough bread today. Lol


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