i was told 4 years ago that i had diverticular disease after having suffered for 4-5 years with what i thought was IBS .. always planning trips round toilets only using large super stores that had toilets on site . and worst was not being able to walk far ie 100yards with out extreme bowel pain .2 years ago i had a bowel resection to take out

the diseased bowel ..the symtoms are now worse and am being told I have IBS some times going 8-10 times a day . other times not for 2-3 days still have extreme pain when walking so have got a electric scooter so can at least get out and about with family find that not walking stops the need for toilet breaks ..

just glad I found this site so can try to sort as my doctor just keeps giving pills out .

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  • Have you tried a food elimination diet of any kind?

  • no not yet like my spices to much but asking doc for a wheat tolerance test

  • Ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian as well.

    I, and many other people on this site, cope with IBS by doing the FODMAPs diet which means giving up a lot of well-loved food and drink products, but that's infinitely more preferable to feeling ill all the time.

  • Sounds dreadful I have ibs and diverticulitis and don't suffer anywhere near this much. Unfortunately I've read lots of stories on here about people who had colonoscopy, gall bladder removal and bowel ops who were all worse off afterwards. Hence the reason I've had none of the above. Definitely go back to your docs and keep harrasing them till they listen this is an unacceptable way to live and ibs and diverticulitis are not taken seriously enough as nobody especially doctors seem to have no answers

  • Oh and spicy food is a definite no no

  • get a test for CRP inflammation. If you have diverticulitis, that is extremely painful and dangerous. you may need a scan to determine. My daughter was able to cure hers using diet in Arthur White's book. If you ALSo have IBS-D, good grief. John Hunter's book very helpful. I have diverticulosis, no inflammation, but I get IBS-C if I eat certain foods in FODMAPs groups: fructans and fructose . Good luck.

  • What is the title of Arthur White's book please?

  • I also have been diagnosed with diverticula disease and have the IBS symptoms, sometimes D and sometimes C. I have been advised by GP not to have the op to remove the diseased part as in her experience it makes people worse and listening to your story you have just confirmed this. Every day is different but usually one really bad day every fortnight but think I will put up with it while I can!!

  • Hi I suffer terribly with IBS, my mother has diverticular disease, she had many bowel operations and suffered terribly over a 25 year period, I don't think a year went by that she didn't get taken in for an Op :( however the last time she had an Op was 4 years ago now they removed her large intestine completely and she now has an ileostomy (small bowel/colostomy) and has never looked back!! shes the healthiest ive ever seen her since I was 12 (im 40 now!)

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