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Symprove for IBS

Hey guys been doing a lot of reading about a product called "symprove" it's a probiotic but it's pricy but from reviews it has helped more people than anything I've ever seen before I am keen to hear from people about this product as some people have claimed it has completely changed their quality of life and helped those with crohns and other digestive problems

Thanks in advance

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I used it for about 18 months & found it really helped to regulate my ibsd, only stopped because I had an emergency appendectomy & my ibs vanished.


I’m 73, have had diarrhoea my whole adult life. Diagnosed with both non specific colitis and IBS, just had to try and manage my day to day life. Gastroenterologist recommended Symprove 10 months ago and my life has changed immeasurably. You definitely need to take the full 12 week course before deciding if it has made a difference. It was a slow realisation round about the 3 month mark that I was actually so much better. I have since had a hemorroidectomy and rectal prolapse repair (caused by the constant diarrhoea) and am now on a maintenance dose of Symprove. I can’t speak highly enough and like you, never heard such good results from anything else - and I’ve tried them all over the years!

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